Personal Protection Order Denied On Ebayisajoke

Personal Protection Order
Circuit Court Judge Lynne A. Pierce

Personal Protection Order Denied on September 9th 2013 on Ebayisajoke when he appeared in Court for a hearing regarding a Personal Protection order filed against eBay Motors Top Rated Seller Joseph DeMarco Hubcapjoes. The Petition was ultimately denied for lack of evidence by Circuit Court Judge Lynne A. Pierce. But lets back up to the beginning to talk about how all this came about. In 2012 Joseph DeMarco was called out by a YouTube character named Ebayisajoke, an anti eBay and PayPal critic that does YouTube videos about eBay and PayPal’s poor consumer policies and he is also an advocate for small sellers that get kicked off eBay for no reason. He also does videos about questionable high volume Top Rated sellers and buyers that abuse eBay. Joseph DeMarco sparked the interest of Ebayisajoke when for the longest time would not tell his YouTube viewers what he sold on eBay almost like he had something to hide, yet would sit in his shop bashing eBay and PayPal or what I call biting the hand that feeds him. Ebayisajoke received an email from one of Joe’s friends, a Top Rated seller by the name of Matthew who gave him Joe’s eBay seller ID to spark drama between the two. Ebayisajoke waited for the right time to expose the information so the viewers would know the truth.

Personal Protection Order
Joseph DeMarco eBay Motors

Ebayisajoke done a video calling out Crazeenydriver asking him why he does not tell his viewers what he sells. Hubcapjoes ignored Ebayisajoke for a few weeks then Ebayisajoke decided to release the seller ID and website of Joseph DeMarco. He simply didn’t want to tell YouTube viewers what he sold because he was afraid of getting an NARU from eBay. After some additional investigation on the seller ID Ebayisajoke found that there was some buyer abuse. There are some documented videos about Hubcapjoes admitting to the abuse of his buyers that don’t pay him on time. You can google a YouTube video called “eBay Bully Beatdown” to see some of the crazeenydriver style tactics this guy plays on poor eBay buyers. Small sellers that engage in this type of behavior and abuse would be removed from eBay, however Top Rated eBay Motors sellers apparently have cart blanche.

Personal Protection Order

Now lets fast forward to 2013 when Ebayisajoke started producing videos about Hubcapjoes showing people how he treats his customers and how he bashes the CEO John Donahoe of eBay Inc. Now Crazeenydriver has to come up with a spin to make Ebayisajoke look bad, so he along with who we know now as being an eBay shill Spokonzaga Pete creates a “Cyber Stalking”, “Cyber Bullying” spin on Ebayisajoke, also accusing him of various crimes like identity fraud just because he was doing videos about eBay Stealth and how to get back on eBay if your suspended. Crazeenydriver spun these lies on various websites he created, tweeted to hundreds of people claiming he was being bullied, then ultimately got Rob Wolchek involved through the help of an individual in Michigan. Rob Wolchek did a poor story on Ebayisajoke only showing his eating habits and his weekend recreation but didn’t come up with any crimes being committed because there are none. The story was put out there simply to unmask Ebayisajoke. Wait! Joseph DeMarco accuses Ebayisajoke of these crimes still to this day without proof. Isn’t this slander and Defamation? Yes it is and we have all the proof of it.

Once Rob Wolchek approached Ebayisajoke a line had been crossed and Ebayisajoke had to file a Personal Protection order on the Top Rated seller for abuse and stalking using a third-party such as a private investigator or Rob Wolchek from Fox 2 News of WJBK-TV. Either way stalking is stalking. On September 9th the Judge denied the personal protection Order and said it was online stalking but didn’t meet the Michigan statute’s criteria on stalking. The court refused to accept and watch the video evidence simply because she didn’t have time for it. The court also permitted the Rob Wolchek cameras in the courtroom without the consent of Ebayisajoke and without regard for the protection of privacy. “This court was a joke”, Ebayisajoke says. Ebayisajoke was not permitted to file any motions with the court or allowed to have the hearing set aside in order to remove the cameras. The hearing was nothing but a circus to promote the Judge’s TV time to make her look good for re-election.

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Personal Protection Order Denied by Circuit Court Judge not allowing evidence to be submitted.

The respondent Joseph DeMarco was represented by Brian Longman from Langton & Associates or, and not required by the court to show for the hearing in any capacity. He never appeared by Phone or video conference. This shows guilt and the court allowed it violating the Petitioner’s rights to a fair hearing and personal protection order. Lawyers for Joseph DeMarco requested monetary relief for lawyer’s fees but the Judge wasn’t having that. They were also requesting a Cease and Desist order be placed on Ebayisajoke to stop him from writing about Joseph DeMarco online which was also turned down. Looks like Joseph DeMarco will be getting a bill after all from Langton Law. Most lawyers in Michigan want upwards of $5,000 to defend a Personal Protection Order.

In this situation a Personal Protection order was used to stop Joseph DeMarco from harassment. He has made calls to Canton Police and also the Michigan FBI office. He has apparently written complaints at If you are any of these agencies and have copies of these complaints please send that information to [email protected] Ebayisajoke is seriously considering a legal action against the Hub cap seller for Defamation and is asking if there is any Lawyer out there in the New Jersey area that would take this case on contingency. If so please contact Ebayisajoke at that email. If you (the viewer) would like to donate to Ebayisajoke’s Legal Fund, please click on the green button on the right side of the page.