Unfair Money Grab Transaction Fee Policy Put On Hold By PayPal

PayPal has placed a significant change on its Return Fee Policy they made recently on hold according to some of its eBay customers and they were refunded. PayPal is considering dropping the penalty fee for refunds on Merchants. Per PayPal’s updated Fees Policy on May 7th, 2019 Merchants will receive the 2.9 percent fee back to their credit cards. Many eBay sellers and PayPal users fought against this penalty and apparently their voices were heard. USA Today Reports eBay is Dropping PayPal and so we can finally report THEIR TIME IS UP.

PayPal User RubberWilbur says,

Not being compensated on Paypal fees after cancellation infuriates me. This is one of the reasons eBay and Paypal unmerged so they could play crooked tricks like this on its customers. Why isn’t eBay forcing the buyers who weasel out of orders to pay these fees? Or why doesn’t eBay pay for Paypal’s fees since eBay wants to be so generous to OUR customers with our money?

eBay said PayPal will remain their partner, keeping their services for buyers as an option to make purchases in the marketplace until July 2023. Make no mistakes PayPal’s time is up just like the Fox 2 News piece states and eBay sellers like Hubcapjoes hate it. It is important to know that Hubcapjoes comes out on YouTube each week and hypes up eBay and PayPal but then reads off all his fake user engagement letters on his channel to gripe about Policies and Returns, he even pretends to be a Weather Man. Hubcapjoes is a seller that has had his Negative feedback removed by eBay literally hundreds of times and also likes to make fun of sellers losing their accounts.

Sellers like Hubcapjoes have been pushing PayPal and trying to recruit new eBay users from sites like YouTube, Twitter and other social media platforms like trolls, and bots that do nothing but hurt the brand even more. Top-Rated honest sellers that don’t manipulate their Feedback and Social Media accounts to boost popularity or stock share are the ones that lose in the end due to stupid policymaking by Devin Wenig.

As of May 7th PayPal has decided to place on hold the 2.9 percent Transaction fee for returns policy due to a major protest and outcry of their users. PayPal just like eBay has suffered in the 1st quarter by reporting losses to their shareholders.