PayPal Extends Buyer Protection policy to 180 Days and bad for Sellers

Buyer protection policy

PayPal just introduced they’re stretching their buyer protection policy to 180 days and sellers are not too happy, lets see what the Hub Cap Monster Hub Cap Joes thinks of it here on YouTube Click Here for his latest public video.

Personally speaking, this can be a disaster within the making. Shady purchasers already flock to eBay searching to scam retailers. The popular ecommerce website is going to be referred to as spot to “rent cheap products” then get them for free with 100 % refund through SNAD.

Buyer Protection Policy

“eBay and PayPal earns money in costs whenever a purchase is created, on the top from the listing costs to market a product online. It seem sensible they implemented this 180 day buyer protection policy which will further increase their main point here. Should you be thinking about buying a product elsewhere with say one month protection, 6 several weeks buyer protection should give eBay the advantage. Unfortunately their retailers are the type potentially left hanging responsible for six several weeks.”

This e-book entitled “The Big eBay Con” is really a guide how you can scam eBay retailers, was taken off Amazon and was said to be owned and produced by the Hub Cap Monster of Oradell New Jersey. It’s currently being offered by other merchants by searching the title.

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eBay TRS CrazeeNyDriver created this video for YouTube on Friday September 19th 2014. Again he gave his 2 cents and possibly bought his NARU at the same time.