PayPal Courtesy Refunds are Covered by eBay’s Underwriters

PayPal’s one time Courtesy Refunds, does it exist?? yes it does. The banking law for PayPal is that they must issue a refund for anyone that calls them to complain about getting a refund on any item. What they also don’t want you to know about is that you don’t even need to send back the item to the seller because eBay’s underwriter insurance actually covers the loss.

Now I’m not saying scam eBay sellers and PayPal, but if you’re business was shut down by eBay or PayPal asking you silly questions about where you get your products, then by all means, get some sweet revenge. This is why eBay had to come up with it’s own integrated payments option that they will be implementing soon with all sellers, at the same time eliminating PayPal altogether by 2023.

I’ve interviewed many Top rated sellers that were shut down because of PayPal in the early days! PowersellersUK was one of them. Below is their post about PayPal and the link to their perfect seller rated business account showing they were NARU’ed. (Shutdown) by eBay.

Your refund is complete. The money should be back in your PayPal balance or on your credit or debit card. … Your refund was sent before your original payment cleared your bank. This usually takes 3 to 5 business days to process and the refund will be credited to your PayPal balance once complete.

What is NARU:

Letter they Posted in 2007 to eBay:…/Why-we-no-l…

Feedback Proof:…

eBays failure to remove the letter from their site tells me they are trying to remind PowersellersUK what they did and forever wish to rub it in their face. This is exactly why you don’t do business on eBay.