eBay Payments Beta Test Program Hurts eBay Sellers Eliminates PayPal Payments

Payments Beta testeBay Payments Beta test Hurts eBay sellers, Important Announcement for PayPal Users and Selling on eBay. Some of you know I am an advocate for small sellers, and expose bad top rated seller abuse. I could give you examples but I’ll keep this short for something important has come to my attention. For those that were working and did not attend eBay Open and if you’re a seller on eBay using PayScum (I mean) PayPal, you may have gotten or may get a pop-up that asks you to “opt in” to the Adyen payments “Beta Test” program. DO NOT DO THIS!!! if you do, your ability to accept PayPal payments on eBay from buyers using PayPal will be gone for good or restricted due to the Payments Beta test. I’ve been against eBay Inc and PayPal for a long time exposing their policies and tricks they pull on consumers, anywhere from account suspension/Limitations to outright illegal money holds. Did you know PayPal is not a Bank says critics.  eBay’s Payments Beta test Program may work good for some users that sell used or worn items but if you’re sourcing new in box items like general merchandise with bar codes use Amazon seller central to sell. Back in 2013 60k Sellers and almost 60k buyer accounts were purged off eBay, many or most of those sellers got the boot for having 100 percent positive feedback. Myself and another guy who watches eBay Motors did live podcasts about it, and articles exposing what eBay was doing. We were able to get a handful of those top rated sellers back on eBay. In 2018 I don’t suggest selling on eBay due to the top rated seller competitors pushing out new people on specific items.

How the Payments Beta test opt-in Program Works by Eliminating PayPal Options for Sellers