Pay Gate Adyen to become the New Fraud Patsy for eBay

pay gatePay Gate Adyen is to become the new online fraud payments patsy for eBay Inc in 2020. If you’ve ever lost your money on eBay because of PayPal or your account was limited and funds held its no joke. PayPal will try and hold your funds for 180 days even though they lost the lawsuit granting account owners the rights to withdraw their remaining PayPal balance. PayPal to Pay over $4 Million in a class action lawsuit that took over seven years to litigate now plans to dump the PayPal pig for another fraud patsy called Adyen. Some say eBay operates under unlawful enrichment and racketeering and using Sharia Law We must not allow these Pay gates to steal our money but most of them are honest.

  • PayPal dishonest for holding money
  • eBay customers fight PayPal fraud daily due to fraudulent chargebacks
  • PayPal is not a Bank
  • Class action lawsuit of $4 million to be paid to sellers for account holds
  • Buyers do chargebacks on titled property and get away with it

After over seven years of investigating PayPal and eBay’s rogue employees for various fraudulent activity it’s now time for them to dump the horrible Pay Gate due to the reputation of fraud it’s garnered over the years. PayPal in the past has even tried stealing titled property¬†from sellers selling large ticket items like cars and boats which are considered titled property allowing fraudulent buyers to perform chargebacks. eBay in 2020 will begin to use Adyen for payment processing but not if I can help it!

Our latest phone call to Pay gate PayPal

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Pay Gate PayPal Holds continue dispute Court Ruling

eBay seller Cole Erickson lost over $17k to PayPal’s nasty hold in 2017 and has yet to get his money. He calls PayPal asking for spicifics as to why his money got held by PayPal and why they refuse to give it back. Here is the video on YouTube of the phone call he made to the stuck pig known as PayPal.