Paid Shills for eBay Won’t Like Managed Payments in July

Paid Shills and Top Rated Sellers on eBay like Hubcapjoes don’t like eBay’s new Managed Payments System. More Top Rated Seller accounts like Hubcapjoes will now be scrutinized for their sales in order for eBay to maintain quality and more buyer’s coming back to buy on the platform. Abusive Sellers like YouTuber Crazeenydriver will no longer be bailed out by PayPal, and buyers will no longer be able to get refunds from sellers anymore through PayPal’s one time courtesy refund program. I knew PayPal’s time was up in 2012, listen to my audio file below for my views and opinions on eBay’s Managed Payments and the rant of a cry baby.

eBay will look at sellers having issues with refunds and returns more closely banning seller accounts that don’t comply with good customer service and I LOVE IT!  -Says Seller Critic