eBay Motors Seller is a Negative One Man Press Machine for eBay Inc

eBay Motors seller Joseph DeMarco is a Negative One Man Press Machine for eBay Inc and has abused so many buyers on the platform he no longer can be trusted not to harass or abuse buyers. When eBayisajoke (eBay Critic) came along in 2013 he told YouTubers he would be their voice and make a shiny example out of this piece of Garbage called Hubcapjoes aka Crazeenydriver on YouTube. Joseph DeMarco has said many negative things about eBay and PayPal in the last several years that such things can never be forgiven or overlooked. Joseph DeMarco the Animal Abuser and Bad Businessman of Oradell New Jersey just doesn’t care what anyone says about him and he thinks he’s untouchable at eBay but soon a surprise is coming. Hubcapjoes is a paid company spokesman of eBay Motors doing videos titled “eBay Talk” pretending to help people. We have lots of evidence of Hubcapjoes making negative comments about eBay’s policies and glitches. Hubcapjoes is a negative One Man Press Machine that puts eBay’s reputation in jeopardy as what we once considered an honest platform to buy or sell cheap Stolen Property.

Hubcapjoes is even Gang Stalking people on YouTube with the very YouTube channel he uses to PR Pump for eBay Inc. We can connect eBay Inc with the cyberstalking from Hubcapjoes which is also considered Rackateering. Below is an example audio file he made on another YouTube channel Gang Stalking the workplace of Charles Fitch and his UAW. Under that shows the Whois Capture of the website he runs which violates the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy at eBay because Charles Fitch is a former seller and buyer on eBay the doxing information Hubcapjoes has released on his Offshore website about Mr Fitch is considered a violation of the user’s Privacy and warrants a Seller Suspension or NARU. Hubcapjoes also loves to commit top rated seller abuse and Laughs at Suspended Sellers in a video. Hubcapjoes lives at 321 Pine St Haworth New Jersey and His Shop is located at 90 Kinderkamack Rd, Oradell New Jersey. The gated communities hate this guy’s business because they know he’s a snitch that gets on Grand Juries. He loves trying to put people in jail, he’s been trying to put eBayisajoke (Charles Fitch) in jail for 7 years now.

The Big Lie Everyone Should Know About

Evidence of Employment Doxing

In this audio file you’ll hear eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Doxing the workplace of Charles Fitch by using a tactic of which he tries to incite YouTuber’s to hate him or do his dirty work for him by calling his employer to file fake complaints.

Evidence of Hubcapjoes Getting Paid off

one man press machine

Running off Buyers on eBay Motors

When the Priority Stakeholders or Shareholders (Elliott Management) sees this information they may back out of any further investments with eBay Inc due to the Black Budget Cloud eBay has hung over their head. When eBay decides to get rid of this seller we will stop posting these articles about this guy because then we’ll consider the community safe again.