New Jersey Resident Exposes NYC Officer Speed Traps

Joseph DeMarco, a New Jersey man is putting New York City Officers at risk is something nobody should be doing especially in this day and age when Officer Safety on the Highways is paramount! We caught a YouTuber named Joseph A DeMarco providing Officer Speed Trap Locations to people online via his YouTube channel called Crazeenydrvier.

  • Joe Demarco runs a Hub cap shop in Oradell NJ but lives in Haworth NJ
  • Crazeenydriver YouTube channel has many older videos that bash eBay
  • Joe Demarco works with eBay media smear users in Facebook groups to flag YouTube content
  • eBayisajoke exposed Joe Demarco the hubcap enthusiast for being abusive to his buyers in 2012
  • Hubcapjoes also abused and harassed “The Car Doctor”

It’s important to remember that Joe DeMarco is a Public Figure. It’s also been said that he may work for either New York City, or the city of New Jersey as D.O.T Highway Public Worker but this hasn’t been confirmed. We know that the man sits on NYC Grand Juries to help put away high profile people. Officers should look for a 2011 Chevy Silver 4 Door Malibu owned by Joe DeMarco.

Joseph A DeMarco recently posted a video on YouTube revealing officer Speed Zones on NYC Highways which can and will eventually put Officers at risk of retribution by speeders. Joseph DeMarco says and I quote:

I thought this video would be a little interesting on how Mayor De Blasio, the Mayor of New York City is reaping in the fines from speeding during the Coronavirus Pandemic. I have never seen anyone like him. The guy knows no bounds.