New Seller Dashboard Standards Offer No Flexibility

New Seller Dashboard

On April 23rd 2014 eBay’s Director of Global Trust Brian Burke and Senior Manager of Seller Standards Kristi Diemoz held a Webinar to talk about getting the most out of your new seller dashboard. The webinar started with a review of the new standards for top-rated-plus sellers, which is a maximum defect rate of 2%, and for the rest it’s 5%. These low tolerances leave no flexibility for new businesses to achieve or maintain a seller discount which would allow them to compete against high volume sellers. eBay has been known for not protecting its sellers or flexibility when it comes to ratings. It appears that eBay shareholders don’t mind losing money these days to bone headed policies. The New Seller Dashboard and standards will be the death of eBay.

Letter sent by eBay to sellers regarding the evaluation date and when it takes effect:

Dear (name):
As we approach the August 20 evaluation date when the new seller performance standards take effect, we’re writing to let you know about a special protection in place for sellers like you who are evaluated on your transactions over the past 12 months. The protection is designed to ensure your selling is not restricted due to defects acquired prior to March 11, 2014, before we first announced they would be counted.

You’ll be protected through the March 20, 2015 seller evaluation from selling limits or restrictions as a consequence of falling below eBay’s minimum standards strictly because of one or more of the defects that were not previously counted in standards that you received prior to March 11, 2014: opened cases, detailed seller ratings of 3 for item description, returns because the item was not as described, negative or neutral feedback, or seller-cancelled transactions*.

Note this special protection is designed to protect you from the consequences of falling below eBay’s minimum standards. It does not apply to Top Rated Seller status and benefits or prevent your listings from being lowered in search. But it will give you extra time to continue selling and meet the new minimum standards.

Once the new seller performance standards go into effect, we will send you a notification when this protection is applied to your account.

In the meantime, be sure to become familiar with the new seller performance standards and get an up-to-date preview of your progress in your seller dashboard. From your dashboard you can also run a report, updated weekly, of all your transactions with defects to help you pinpoint where you need to focus. Just close the preview to find the link to the report on your regular dashboard.

And we’re here to help. You can contact us using this priority link to eBay Customer Support if you have questions.

eBay Selling Team

*Note this special 7-month protection won’t apply if you would have fallen below standard anyway based on the defects currently counted in today’s seller performance standards: detailed seller ratings of 1 and 2 for item description, ratings of 1 for ship time, going above the 0.3% maximum percentage of eBay Money Back Guarantee cases closed without seller resolution. Nor will it apply if you have 400 or more transactions over a 3-month period and are subsequently evaluated on a 3-month look-back period.

Standards and the New Seller Dashboard comments:

New Seller Dashboard

New Seller Dashboard – Standards Gone Wild

Ebayisajoke gives comments over the eBay Webinar:

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