New Mystery Box Scam from Brooklyn New York Alerts FBI

A new MSCHF Mystery Box Scam coming out of Brooklyn New York may be placed on Notice on Feb 25th when the website starts selling Mystery Boxes for $100 to unsuspected victims. The FBI was tipped off of this new scam by eBayisajoke aka Seller Critic who has been protecting Consumers for years. How the Scheme works by Unbox Therapy of YouTube explains.

According to their website MSCHFBOX.COM if you buy a $100 box from them and don’t open it for 100 days, the box will appreciate to $1000 and you can send it back. Does this mean you’ll get $1k in Cash for not opening it? No it means you’ll most likely get your $100 back and the box will just be re-sold to a sucker that may take a chance and open it. Site’s Terms and Conditions

Don’t be fooled by the Mystery Box Scam, you will not win anything, YOU WILL LOSE! eBay has been known for their Mystery Box Scams listings still show up on their platform.

Letter to the FBI by a Concerned Citizen

This website out of Brooklyn New York is involved in Mystery Box Scams

Their claim is that if you buy one of their boxes for $100 you have a 0.01% chance of winning top prizes listed on their box and website. The website also says that if you buy the box and hold it for 100 days you can return it for $1000 as the box will appreciate and be resold to someone else most likely that buys one of their boxes. To me this is a Mystery Box Scam along with some type of Cash Appreciation Scheme. This website may be a problem for people. They are using popular social media sites like YouTube (Unbox Therapy) to advertise the scheme as shown on YouTube.

I have no doubt they are buying ads or doing this on many popular YouTube channels to get people to buy their boxes after 2/25/2020 is when this thing launches.

I am submitting this complaint to notify the FBI of the website. I am not a victim of this website.

thank you
-Concerned Citizen