New Jersey State Troopers Using Hand Held Radar Guns on The GSP Route 80

New Jersey State TrooperseBay Seller Hubcapjoes aka Joseph J DeMarco who owns a Hubcap store in Oradell New Jersey goes after New Jersey State Troopers using their Radar Guns on the Garden State Parkway Route 80 to protect the roadways from speeders. Joseph DeMarco says that New Jersey State Troopers are breaking the law and they shouldn’t be policing the roadways.

For years Hubcapjoes has been seen taking photos and video of Roadways and Bridges for his Russian and Bulgarian friends. Some say he may even be affiliated with an ISIS Terrorist group using eBay Motors as a means to filter funds out of the United States and into countries that support Terror.

Remember “If you see something, say something” and call the New Jersey State Police and let them know that Joe Demarco has been posting Videos and Photos of New York’s Bridges and Roadways for years along with his brother. Joseph Demarco hails from New Milford, New Jersey where it’s alleged that he may have Mob ties in the Queens area or in New York City.

Joseph Demarco runs a fencing operation for Stolen Hubcaps by placing the stolen items up for sale on eBay Motors and this is why he doesn’t like taking returns. eBay is directly responsible for the actions of this abusive seller Hubcapjoes and until they remove him the community, it cannot be safe like it once was.

Please contact the State Troopers in New Jersey and let them know Joseph Demarco is doing videos of them on the Garden City Parkway at Exit 157. Impeding an officer’s investigations is a criminal offense and punishable by law. State Troopers keep our roads safe from speeders and prevent accidents. Joseph Demarco is impeding their ability to do their jobs by producing videos on YouTube about where the New Jersey State Troopers sit and watch for speeders. Joseph Demarco doesn’t care about keeping anyone safe, he only cares about selling dirty rusted Hubcaps with No Hardware and no Locks to customers on eBay.

New Jersey State Police 
P.O. Box 7068
West Trenton, NJ 08628

If eMailing contact the Troop D Road Station, they are responsible for Monitoring Route 80 and the GSP. Hubcapjoes travels these routes almost every day and most likely is speeding and creating emergency difficulties for Police. Many times he portrays himself as a helpful concerned citizen but he’s really only out to get Hubcaps off stranded or damaged vehicles so he can sell them. He steals the property then resells it on ebay which is illegal. Anyone catching him around stranded vehicles should also not approach him for he may be armed and dangerous. He owns a registered loaded gun.

Galloway Station 
Garden State Parkway South
Milepost 41.4
2 East Jimmy Leeds Road
Galloway, New Jersey 08205
732-441-4500 Ext. 5900
609-409-8983 (Fax)


400 Garden State Pkwy, Woodbridge, NJ 07095
Phone: (732) 376-1117