New Jersey Corrections officer and eBay Seller Caught Cyberstalking

new jersey correctionsNew Jersey Corrections officer and eBay Top Rated Seller Hubcapjoes has been cyber-stalking many people these days on YouTube. Joseph Demarco aka Hubcapjoes owns a brick and mortar store in Oradell New Jersey called Hubcapjoes along with his brother Jerry Demarco both found to be working for New Jersey State while selling on eBay and abusing people on YouTube. The eBay Store owner along with his brother has been abusing online eBay critics like “The Car Doctor” Ed Koon of Clearwater Florida for over five years. We call this elderly abuse and online reputation management which has been sanctioned by people like Jim Griffith, Brian Burke and Devin Wenig of eBay Inc. Hubcapjoes makes regular appearances on Voice Marketing Radio AKA eBay Radio at the same time using YouTube as a playground for abuse and cybercrime by harassing and bullying eBay Critics and his buyers while eBay sits blind.

New Jersey Corrections Officer Paid off by eBay

new jersey correctionsThis man also has been doxing and harassing my employer using third party people to carry out threats and cyberstalking. Two men also helping Hubcapjoes, that have been involved from day one have previously been exposed as YouTube Predators. Many small sellers get removed or suspended from selling on eBay when they voice their opinion on Social media about various policies or fraud. Seller Hubcapjoes has pushed the envelope far enough for many years and it seems like every-time he’s proven to be in hot water he’s asked to make an appearance on eBay Radio so Uncle Griff can make him look good to the community. They love Joseph Demarco for going up against an eBay Critic only eBayisajoke still doesn’t back down. How long will eBay continue to allow their reputation to be dragged through the mud over some rusty hubcaps?

New Jersey Corrections Officer Hubcapjoes

Evidence of Employment Doxing

In this audio file you’ll hear eBay Seller Hubcapjoes admit to doxing the workplace of another eBay Seller and online Critic by using a tactic of which he tries to incite YouTuber’s to do his dirty work by calling an employer to file fake complaints on an employee. In the additional audio file below, Tommy Watson points out that this is one of the tactics along with making the public think that there is something wrong with the targeted individual (TI) to cast doubt on person’s sanity.

Consumer Fraud Advocate Targeted by eBay Insiders

eBay Motors Feedback: DOCS QUALITY CARS

If you have been targeted by eBay Inc please use the resources below to file your complaints expeditiously.

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