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A Little Known Method for Removing Negative Amazon Reviews Selling FBA

Did you know that you can uncover the identity of your buyers giving you negative Amazon reviews on your FBA listings? and that there is a method to contact buyers to hopefully get those negative Amazon reviews removed or changed to positive ones!

The Importance of Reviews

Buyer Ratings can have a great impact on the success or failure of your Amazon FBA Business. They influence buying decisions and also serve as good references for selling improvement. Click here to Buy on Amazon

Professional marketers analyze online reviews to understand customer behavior and preference; most consumers read Amazon reviews as part of their pre-purchase research. It is only after all the information is compared that potential buyers will decide to purchase a particular brand or product.

Amazon is a customer oriented online platform, so it will not remove any negative Amazon reviews left by buyers unless they are abusive. As an Amazon seller, you need to be mindful of both positive and negative reviews, and reply to each of them as soon as you are able.

Get in touch with your Amazon buyers, and provide excellent customer service, you may be able to ask the buyer to remove the negative Amazon reviews.

How Positive Reviews Affect Your Product

Positive reviews are the lifeblood of your product page — they can actually convert interest into action. Potential customers will look at the number of reviews and pay special attention to the five-star ratings.

But looking at the metrics is not enough — they need to read a few to get a taste of the buyers’ experiences. 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews, and the remaining 12 percent just do not read reviews regularly. Basically, a huge percentage of the buying market will trust reviews left by complete strangers. They want to make sure they do not waste their money over something unworthy.

Positive reviews have a great impact on your organic search rankings in Amazon’s search engines as well, so your product listing will have more relevance, increased visibility, higher authority, and better chances of getting ranked.

No surprise positive reviews will increase your revenue.

Negative Amazon Reviews Do Not Mean Your Selling Days Are Over

While positive customer reviews are obviously helpful in promoting the product and positively influencing the buying decisions of potential and existing customers, negative reviews are quite unsettling for them.

Amazon considers any review with 1 to 3 stars to be negative, which is over half the options for customer feedback! Thus, these reviews need special attention.

When you do get a negative Amazon review, do not panic. In the short term your sales may suffer, especially if you have a low overall number of reviews. Weighted averages of your overall review score translate to a visual lower star count, but you can still use this opportunity to provide excellent customer service and turn a dissatisfied customer into an advocate for your product and brand.

Best Way to Contact Your Buyers

Only registered Amazon customers can leave reviews or comment on reviews. It is possible to connect these reviews to individual purchases by checking reports in Seller Central –– especially if you want to make contact with the reviewer via a buyer message.

Seller Central can provide you with detailed transaction records that contain relevant information such as the name of the customer, order ID, etc. So, if you search a name via report in Seller Central, you will know if the person actually bought a product or not.

You might think that it would be a good idea to call customers directly to discuss reviews, but it is no longer possible to obtain the customer’s phone number via Seller Central’s Manage Order section for FBA orders.

In any case, it is never recommended to call the customer to talk about anything review-related. Contacting a customer about reviews is a Terms of Service breach that would potentially get your account terminated if a complaint was made. That’s definitely not good for your business.

Calling the customer directly is only applicable for Fulfillment by Mail orders, when it’s necessary to confirm an address, or to call the customer if you need to cancel the order.

The Best Way to Contact Buyers after Leaving You Negative Amazon Reviews?

The recommended way to contact a customer is through Seller Central’s Buyer Message feature, the internal messaging system. Since buyers are more likely to open messages sent via Seller Central, the response rate is higher than that of a comment left on one of your FBA listings. Getting the negative off is a benefit to your business but be smart about it.

By leaving a concise personal message, you are showing the customer that you are more than willing to make your relationship work as a seller. You need to keep calm and be professional no matter how ego busting or insulting the review comment may be you need to stay professional and handle it the correct way, after all it’s your business and reputation at stake.

But before we get into that, you have to let the customer know that you are apologetic and that you are willing to make amends for a better customer experience. Do this by commenting on the reviews left and also check out our article on the proper way on How to Leave Comments.