eBay Seller Uploading Nasty Content on YouTube

nasty contentThere is an eBay seller by the name of Hubcapjoes that does weekly eBay promotional videos on YouTube under the Crazeenydriver channel. He’s been uploading nasty content of me on many channels using other people to upload the nasty content so that his main channel doesn’t get waked. Is this still against the YouTube policy if he’s harassing me and my workplace by doing videos telling people to report me and that I have a gun? lol I mean this guy is a complete lunatic, he’s only doing it because he’s a nasty top rated seller on eBay that we exposed 5 years ago for bullying his buyers, using vip eBay top rated seller and executive Facebook groups to get people to flag YouTube content in bulk, manipulates his seller feedback by getting his friends at eBay to remove his negatives, and adjust his defect ratings. I mean this guy is really a piece of work!.

CyberStalking by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes

Does YouTube and google condone this? many of this guy’s abusive videos have been shut down by YouTube but he continues to upload abusive garbage about me, and states he will keep doing it, so if he says he will keep doing it, shouldn’t YouTube take action on this guy’s main channel? a channel that he values and makes money with adsense on? I believe the guy’s channel should be shut down and all the money he’s made given to me. He even promotes a nasty website link about me in many of his videos, just YouTube search “crazeenydriver chuckfitchscammer” he likes to portray me as a scammer to hide the fact that he is an abusive seller on eBay which we exposed. The following is an admission by Joseph Demarco AKA Hubcapjoes stating that eBay Inc gave him many things for attacking eBay Critics. The community should be appalled by this:

Ok so lets begin shall we:

Crazeenydriver – Nasty Content Up-loader for eBay Inc

https://www.youtube.com/user/crazeenydriver – we can clearly see him and hear his voice in the videos (The Identified)

I’ll list the channels then the video links:

Abusive Channels about me using a PSA angle to possibly circumvent the harassment bullying policy at youtube:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVlEDrxa-ic *harassing me by inciting people to call my workplace

Crazeenydriver Tries to get me fired with Nasty Content he Uploads!


nasty contentAsk yourself why would a man like this (seller on eBay) continue to produce content in public like this?? it’s because eBay Inc is allowing it. He frequently appears on eBay Radio voicemarketingradio they send him SWAG which includes ipads, iphones and macbook laptops, t-shirts, free shipping supplies and more. Regular small sellers would be removed from the platform for what he’s doing outside their website, but is there someone at YouTube that maybe allowing him to commit this abuse we don’t know of? Hopefully someone at YouTube will see this and investigate these matters. The person investigating can clearly see that the audio in the abusive videos is none other than Crazeenydriver himself. Crazeenydriver according to Social Blade is earning about $3.2k per year which should be cut off and turned over to me Charles Fitch. Further more I would like to add that Joseph Demarco is buying advertising to promote a bogus story news hit piece that was done on me in 2013 of which you can see him accusing me of bidding on his items, not paying and trying to leave him negative feedback. This story is simply not true, it was never proven by eBay Inc but Crazeenydriver has been paying and recruiting eBay’ers to upload the news video to many channels which defames my personal reputation. I am asking YouTube to remove the mass advertised news piece uploaded by these channels that inflate views and subs. Here are the url’s

Rob Wolchek and Marketing Team of Fox 2 News Spamming YouTube:

These are just a few, and you’ll notice comments on these videos are coming from fake YouTube channels pumping up views for these videos. This is the good team at eBay Inc working hard a social media reputation management. If you remember a while back we caught Hubcapjoes and his Russian ISIS friends in Sofia Bulgaria running a server at Telepoint Data Center that kept attacking this website and others with the eBay fingerprint all over it. who’s sitting on their hands at YouTube? care to tell me exactly why this abusive content is not being pulled, after all its not suitable for all advertising, and not suitable for kids on YouTube. It’s adults fighting also, and harassment by the Crazeenydriver you-tuber known as Joseph Demarco owner of Hub cap shop Hubcapjoes.

Florida Victim of eBay Seller Hubcapjoes

Ed Koon AKA Doc’s Quality Cars (Former Used Car Dealer on eBay) speaks out about the Corporate Harassment going on by Top Rated Seller groups against critics of eBay. Ed has lost his eBay Seller account because eBay executives didn’t want users conducting transactions outside eBay. Doc had almost perfect feedback, was never a shady dealer and always inspected his vehicles personally before selling them. eBay yet again puts another great trusted seller out of business for no reason, destroying both his credibility and business.


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