eBay Seller Hubcapjoe Uploading Nasty Content on YouTube Channels

nasty contentThere is an eBay seller by the name of Hubcapjoes that does weekly eBay promotional videos on YouTube under the Crazeenydriver channel. He’s been uploading nasty content of me on many channels using other people to upload the nasty content so that his main channel doesn’t get waked. Is this still against the YouTube policy if he’s harassing me and my workplace by doing videos telling people to report me and that I have a gun? lol I mean this guy is a complete lunatic, he’s only doing it because he’s a nasty top rated seller on eBay that we exposed 5 years ago for bullying his buyers, using vip eBay top rated seller and executive Facebook groups to get people to flag YouTube content in bulk, manipulates his seller feedback by getting his friends at eBay to remove his negatives, and adjust his defect ratings. I mean this guy is really a piece of work!.

CyberStalking by eBay Seller Hubcapjoes

Ed Koon AKA Doc’s Quality Cars (Former Used Car Dealer on eBay) speaks out about the Corporate Harassment going on by Top Rated Seller groups against critics of eBay. Ed has lost his eBay Seller account because eBay executives didn’t want users conducting transactions outside eBay. Doc had almost perfect feedback, was never a shady dealer and always inspected his vehicles personally before selling them. eBay yet again puts another great trusted seller out of business for no reason, destroying both his credibility and business.