eBay Suspension NARU Train for Hubcapjoes

What is an NARU Suspended Seller on eBay?

naru suspended seller

Many of you don’t know what an NARU Suspended Seller is on eBay. An NARU is the status a seller receives when they misbehave. Trust and Safety may suspend your seller account so you can no longer sell on eBay. This is a sample of what Hubcapjoes account will get when eBay finally decides to take action against him for abusing people on the internet. eBay suspends a person’s seller account for either one of two reasons. Your account may be suspended for owing money to the service, or for serious violations of eBay’s policies. In most cases, eBay allows you to reinstate your account by remedying the issue that got you the NARU in the first place.

Top 10 reasons eBay gives you an NARU:

10. Listing a counterfeit, knock off item or item
9. Falsely reporting other sellers or competitors
8. Filing false VERO complaints on sellers
7. Buying too many items and returning them
6. Leaving negative feedback for sellers to hurt them
5. Dropshipping items you don’t own
4. Hiding your IP and your location
3. Sending abusive or vulgar messages to users on eBay
2. Posting complaints on eBay’s forums about other users
1. Ranting on YouTube about eBay and their policies

Hubcapjoes laughing at NARU Sellers

You should never do business on a platform that suspends your account and asks you for information on where you get your products. If they suspect that your products/inventory is counterfeit or stolen goods, then you’ll need to obtain a written letter from a third party that can verify the origination of the goods you bought for resale on eBay or you’ll become an NARU suspended seller. This is intrusive to your business but eBay will not let you sell until you provide proof the goods are free and clear of any issues. There are many NARU Suspended sellers in the Automotive category that sold stolen auto parts. Like Hubcapjoes for example, this seller sells stolen Hubcaps he takes off vehicles stranded on the side of the roadway of New Jersey, New York and Queens. He then brings those items back to his store for resale on eBay. If you were a victim of this kind of theft or “Self Help” we call it, then please notify local authorities and mention that Hubcapjoes should be classified as a NARU Suspended Seller.