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An eBay Motors Sucks critic (Doc) from Naru Messenger says “Show Me The Proof” to a Youtuber named Spokonzaga Pete that has been accusing eBay and PayPal critic Ebayisajoke for over a year now of being a criminal. Spokonzaga Pete used to go by the name Spokonzaga until his account was closed by YouTube for various violations that induced harassment, hate speech and spam. Spokonzaga claims that Ebayisajoke is a cyber stalker, troll and identity thief destroying people’s lives however he has not given any concrete documentation or evidence that proves his claims. We know he is somehow affiliated with eBay Inc, PayPal or is some eBay spokesperson trying to spin all the negative PR into a positive outcome for him and eBay. We have shown his lack of credibility and stupidity over and over but he always seems to get under our skin. Spokonzaga Pete claims he left YouTube for a few months to show people what a troll Ebayisajoke is, and that he refuses to “feed the troll”, however this lonely pathetic man is very predictable and always makes sure the trolls get fed. Naru messenger challenges Spokonzaga Pete to show any kind of real evidence of any crimes, and not just content posted on his web pages located in Bulgaria, but real complaints, court documents or arrest records. Ebayisajoke has no record at all.

Response by Ebayisajoke:

Doc of Naru Messenger has a lot of credibility and has been investigating this for quite some time. He even shows where Ebayisajoke proves to be an honest person and has established trust with Doc. This story is about a top rated eBay Motors seller trying to save his business by bushwhacking an eBay critic that has called him out for having a shady seller past and for biting the eBay and PayPal hand that feeds him on Youtube under his channel Crazeenydriver. This man goes by the name Huncapjoes and sells hubcaps on eBay Motors. He’s the head of the snake that is responsible along with Spokonzaga Pete for putting Ebayisajoke on the news in Detroit. A funny news story that only shows Ebayisajoke going to the movies and eating at Subway. If Ebayisajoke was a criminal you would have thought the news station would have shown that. But he doesn’t even have so much as a traffic ticket on his record. Ebayisajoke is no criminal, he is a YouTube character exposing eBay and PayPal for what they are. Crooks!

Naru Messenger (Doc) has produced many articles about this crazed Mad Man Stalker Spokonzaga Pete over at and we even have proof where he even admits to working for eBay. He claims in his latest video that Ebayisajoke is hurting him and his family and that he’s going to take matters into his own hands if the Police and FBI doesn’t do what he wants them to do. He even threatens Ebayisajoke saying that he’s going to stop this with whatever it takes. Sounds like a bodily threat to me.

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