The Narcissist Hubcapjoes is SO Jealous of Charles w Fitch

My name is Charles w Fitch of Canton Michigan google for my Official YouTube Channel to see my latest videos. I am the Seller Critic AKA eBayisajoke the online eBay Critic. Yes I admit I am him, and one more thing is certain is that I really brought to light how eBay uses their sellers to go after their most hated Critics. A Critic is a person who expresses an unfavorable opinion about something by evaluating and criticizing it over a long period of time. Ever since I’ve been a Critic of eBay Inc and PayPal they have gone after me using their number one Fan Boy Joseph J De Marco AKA Crazeenydriver and eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. Hubcapjoes is a Narcissist and he is so Jealous of me it’s pathetic.

A video of Crazeenydriver still Supporting
eBayisajoke’s website

Hubcapjoes still supports eBayisajoke’s website! Look!
A screen capture of his YouTube video still promoting eBayisajoke’s website

He’s jealous of many things but he’s most jealous of the fact that I have a job, I can code sling, I can be anonymous when I want too, and I can help people make money with Amazon websites. Joseph J Demarco is a Narcissist that watches my every move, he’s a mean Narcissist, and Joseph J Demarco is a Narcissist that hates it when people are happy.

Everything this Narcissist tries backfires. Many Narcissists lash out when they lose control over their subject and here is audio of eBay Seller Hubcapjoes losing control when he answers the phone (we were actually emailed some nice phone calls) made of the Narcissist but due to privacy laws in Florida and New Jersey we cannot air those private conversations:

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Loses it when he gets a call from a dangerous Cyber Stalker friend Jason P Decanio:

Jason P Decanio abusive YouTube Flagging Troll admits to cyber abuse and threatens Charles w Fitch:

More Info on cyber stalker:

Many Narcissists will brag about doing things to people, and what’s interesting enough is he names his friend Shane Ritter from Michigan Coin OP space forum group and Arcade troll accomplice for damaging the reputation of Seller Critic. He also names a few more people including Jason P Decanio who is a Dangerous Web Stalker in the cities of Winter Park, and Oviedo Florida.

Hubcapjoes names many people in his fight against the Critic eBayisajoke and when the reporter takes ahold of the story and runs with it Hubcapjoe is Happy that he’s able to cause harm to another Human being because some arcade people didn’t like it when Seller Critic tried to advertise his business in the forums putting many of the arcade sellers OUT OF BUSINESS. Hubcapjoes created a false “Fake News” story to support an even bigger agenda and one for eBay which may be in fact be much bigger than what he realizes.

Narcissist Admitting to using Media to Tarnish my Personal Reputation:

We also know this is the eBay seller’s alternate YouTube Channel where he admits by making comments like a 3rd party that he got a MacBook Pro from eBay to do his intro videos for YouTube. eBay Pays him in SWAG to abuse and go after Critics on YouTube. We took this screenshot:

Seller Critic

Joe Demarco’s Twitter Account (notice the image matching his comment channel on YouTube):

Seller Critic


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