Narcissist eBay seller Hubcapjoes is a Psychopath and Sociopath

Narcissist ebay sellerNarcissist ebay seller Hubcapjoes Oradell, NJ Joseph Demarco has been coming unhinged and his seller performance is at stake from returns and cases filed against him by buyers on ebay. While he’s so caught up in trying to expose or smear eBay critics he’s missing the concept of what we call Just Good Business. Normal business people treat their buyers with respect and even though you may not agree with your buyer you walk away and don’t say anything. Just one buyer can destroy a business. eBay has lost trust, lost buyers, and lost popularity on Wall Street in the past few years. Poor abusive sellers on eBay like Hubcapjoe shouldn’t be allowed to sell on eBay due to his continuous abusive behavior and seller practices. Seller Critic formerly known as eBayisajoke has obtained a personal recording from a phone call by Hubcapjoe AKA YouTuber Crazeenydriver speaking to someone at #eBaynewsroom about putting getting eBay to move on someone. When you get someone to “Move on” someone it usually means when a person is paid to kill someone, especially for a criminal or political organization and sometimes a business moves on someone to secure special interests or goals they want met in order to keep their reputation or further their brand. #ebaynewsroom #ebay @askebay @paypal @askpaypal

Narcissist ebay sellerHubcap Joe uses many fake unverified anonymous YouTube channels to upload abusive repulsive bullying content about people and then incites YouTubers to do his dirty work for him telling people to report me to my employer stating I have a loaded registered gun and that I’m dangerous. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fact is, I have a great working relationship with my employer and people I work with. I’ve been there many years and before that worked for Ford Motor for almost 20 years as a union employee. We have enough evidence now to link eBay and Narcissist ebay seller Hubcapjoes with not only fraud and online cyberbullying but also stalking. I’ve asked the Bergen County District attorney to file charges on this bad business man but they won’t.

eBay allows hubcapjoes to operate from his YouTube channel in a way that’s unbecoming of an eBay Top Rated Seller. They just love the fact he had their most outspoken critic put on the news by way of a fake story of placing bids on his hubcaps and not paying. Narcissist ebay seller Crazeenydriver, Brian Burke, Jim Griffith, and other eBay employees came up with that story solely to discredit and damage my personal reputation. In the end Hubcapjoes loses his selling privileges, we don’t lose anything.