Money Held For 180 Days And Seller Account Closed Read My Remedy

Was your seller account close by Ebay Inc. for no reason. Maybe you received an MC999 and all future selling was taken away from you by the auction giant? Now you can fight back by simply filing a General Civil lawsuit against Ebay Inc. for holding your funds and shutting down your business. 10 Steps to salvation.

Step 1. Trot over to your local court house and request a General Civil complaint
Step 2. Fill it out and state that your complaint has been attached.
Step 3. On another piece of paper write this for your complaint:

“Termination of my business by Ebay Inc. was without merit and justification for actions taken by Ebay Inc on Plaintiff’s seller account. Plaintiff seeks monetary and punitive damages in the amount totaling $25,000 USD (Twenty Five Thousand Dollars) for loss of product and investments made after seller account application was approved by Ebay Inc. Illegal closure of said account and holding of funds is a violation of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act of 1976 and Plaintiff hereby seeks such damages for compensation due to loss of product and business account closure.”

Step 4: Take it back to your courthouse and tell them to file it, and tell them to serve Ebay Inc. Pay your fee.

Step 5: Wait for the answer from Ebay Inc.

Step 6: You will get a court date and you must show up and argue why you believe Ebay Inc. should pay you $25k

Step 7: If Ebay does not show, a judgement will be rendered in your favor by the Judge.

Step 8: If Judge awards you the complaint, Ebay Inc. will be ordered to pay your damages.

Step 9: Give Ebay Inc. 90 days to render payment and if they don’t file for collections on Ebay Inc.

Setp 10: Get your payment and say have a nice day to Ebay Inc.

I hope this was informative for you. Remember most of your fees go to paying ebay’s lawyers, if you think they won’t show up, think again.