Michigan Landline Telephone Bill Passes The House

michigan landline bill

michigan is one step closer to dropping its landline services after Michigan Landline Bill SB 636 passed the House 71-39, which makes it easier for a company to stop providing landline services. Landlines can cost a company millions per year in unwanted overhead. With the majority of consumers using mobile devices what will eBay Inc do when states eliminate landline telephones? eBay frowns on sellers that sign up using mobile devices because they know that sellers use them to activate stealth accounts. If states eliminate landlines eBay will no longer be able to scrutinize risk based on the type of phone a seller uses.

AARP Michigan and law enforcement organizations are concerned residents will be left without reliable access to phone, medical alert and alarm services. They don’t like how the proposal gives more authority to federal regulators and places the burden on consumers to request a state investigation of whether there would still be reliable voice and 911 services in an area if a provider pulled out.

Supporters, namely AT&T, say the change is needed to allow them to invest in more modern means of communication as droves of customers abandon their landline plans for mobile phones and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoiP) service. Current law requires the phone company to get approval from the Michigan Public Service Commission and show that at least one or two other providers offer comparable service in the area.

Michigan Landline Bill SB 636

michigan landline bill

Many people who are selling under the radar at eBay are using throw away phones which is legal, however eBay frowns on that because they claim it’s not professional. eBay’s telephone identity and GEO targeting security system will no longer be able to weed out Stealth Sellers based on their phone apparatus. Telephone companies in many, if not all states will eventually eliminate all landline usage through the Michigan landline bill and eBay will have to re-think it’s phone strategy.

I thought I would give away one of the main secrets of eBay stealth by showing you this video below. Many sellers are illegally kicked off from eBay and given no reason why they were removed, so sellers create what is called “Stealth Accounts” to sell again, not to commit fraud. We must understand the true meaning of what eBay Stealth is and recognize it for what its really used for.

The first step to create an eBay stealth account:

Additional Steps for creating a Stealth Seller Account on eBay:

1. Obtain a new email address
2. Obtain a new IP address or use a mobile device
3. Alter your first and last name by one letter
4. Alter your address
5. Use different browser when logging into eBay
6. Change the filenames of your uploaded photos for listed items
7. Login and list items under your mobile device if possible
8. Create a new bank account for PayPal
9. Use the same information on your PayPal account and login the same way

The thing you have to remember is that eBay and PayPal track what you do. If you disable cookies and try to hide from their beacon and bot files your seller account will be limited automaticly. Michigan landline bill. Remember to never call eBay or PayPal to dispute any case. Anything to get you looked at will raise a red flag at eBay. And last but not least, never pay money for pre-made seller or PayPal accounts or access to any eBay stealth guide or forum regarding eBay stealth. The information is all online for free just look for it.