Michigan Cold Winter: Hell Froze Over so Shovel Your Ass Home

Michigan Cold WinterThe Michigan Cold Winter this year for 2018 has been pretty bad and will be unsafe for men wearing hair pieces to say the least. The worst snow we’ve gotten in a few years now so don’t blow away! City plows are not doing their jobs for the residents, and County trucks are tearing up the main roads big time. Don’t move to Michigan if you don’t like potholes. Make Money online if you can – The Michigan Winter is the worst it’s ever been. Have a beer with eBayisajoke and talk about how you hate eBay at your local Pub and while your at it go sledding by Hubcapjoes with a handful of snowballs and have some fun throwing them at him while he’s out pushing snow but remember that he loves to stiff people for snow removal services according to sources.

Michigan Cold Winter Magazine says Hair Pieces aren’t Safe!

eBayisajokeThe video you just watched was of a man that has been on eBay since 2007, he bashed them and PayPal up until 2012, complaining of their policies, the policies of PayPal, how eBay removed the ability to leave feedback for buyers, glitches, buyer return fraud, shipping and refunds for years until eBayisajoke (the eBay Critic) came along and investigated him and his YouTube channel to find out what he sold on eBay. One of his partners and eBay friends on YouTube gave him up to the critic and exposed who the man was (Joseph Demarco) and once everyone found out he had a shady selling history of abusing and bullying buyers, he began a personal smear campaign on the Michigan man Charles Fitch by putting up abusive Twitter, Facebook, Weebly and YouTube pages in order to attack, bully and Harass the man and ruin his personal reputation.

Guy Fawkes mask symbolizes protest.
The eBay Critic known as eBayisajoke was warning the community of the abusive seller Hubcapjoes and still does even to this day. Hubcapjoes still sells but his days are numbered. eBay has gotten a major black eye for supporting this abusive seller despite all the abusive evidence we’ve shown that implicates eBay in what we call Organized Corporate Cyber Revenge Crime and Gang Stalking Critics and Targeted Harassment by way of internet trolls and anonymous account creation. Many people who do not wish to reveal themselves and never will, had a hand including Joseph Demarco in putting the Critic in local news but eBayisajoke didn’t care, he fought the gang stalkers, the investigators, the insane internet jack asses that followed him to his home and to his work, and he prevailed as Victor of being a Targeted Individual of eBay and Hubcapjoes. Nobody can bring down the Masked Hero eBayisajoke known as the eBay Critic. All the critics will not stop until Hubcapjoes has been relieved of his selling duties.

Michigan Cold Winter Video by Seller Critic