Magento Go Review Not User Friendly For Sellers

Magento Go

Magento Go is not user friendly for eBay sellers. In fact the video review below shows you how much of a difficult time I had finding stuff. I’m not even aware there is a link above the Dashboard that says “Start My Store” until I really look up there and then I notice that I have to submit the store to the url, but it won’t show up until I actually add a theme save and apply it to the store. John Donahoe claims Magento Go is eBay’s main core business. I think John Donahoe and eBay Inc is delusional to think this big con game of his will last. How can you expect to be a leader when you throw small businesses to the wolves. eBay Inc is all about consumer data mining. eBay Inc is big brother through it’s products. When reviewing Magento go I also notice that the product I added did not show up in the store until a theme was selected but the dashboard didn’t tell me that. The Magento dashboard is full of too much crap and in my opinion Magento Go is not a user friendly solution for most eBay sellers. The setup process is confusing and takes too long to figure out and navigate. I am an experienced webmaster with knowledge in open source shopping cart solutions and you can see in the video below that it took me about 10 minutes to figure out that I needed to apply a theme and then click the save and apply button to see the changes in the store take place. I actually figured from the start it would work that way but could not find the selections in the dashboard to do it. I do not recommend using Magento Go for eCommerce unless you have hours and hours of time on your hands to waste. You may get everything added and find the NARU flag in your box the very next day. Then it was a wasted effort.

Magento Go Video Review