Magazine Subscription Fraud Jason Paul Decanio


A man by the name of Jason Paul DeCanio that works at Walgreens in Florida has been named as a suspect in the recent Magazine Subscription abuse complaint filed by a Michigan resident at the Canton Police Department. Police say they currently have evidence that points to three other individuals including a New York small business owner. Magazine card subscription envelopes that were originally used by the individuals were sent back to the resident by the magazine publishers as evidence which bear the post marks that tie the individuals to the crime. Canton Police has evidence of US Mail fraud, identity theft, and forgery and will be submitted to the state attorney for review. The individuals could be facing a maximum penalty of a $10,000 fine and up to 5 years in prison. Jason Paul Decanio pictured above, has been involved in various YouTube Cyber Terrorism tactics where he files reports on users that have videos he doesn’t like with in an attempt to get their YouTube accounts removed. We have evidence of his abuse shown here on eBayBullies. The video below was made by Doc of Shillbusters and Naru Messenger to show the bogus violation complaint Jason Paul Decanio sent to YouTube to have his video pulled. Someone just doesn’t appreciate the truth about themselves or about eBay I guess. We think he is affiliated with someone that works for eBay. Were gonna expose these individuals to the world and maybe someone has information on them they would like to share with us please let us know.


A man by the name of Peter Spokowski that goes by the name of Spokonzaga Pete on YouTube. We may have the last name wrong, but it doesn’t matter at this point, we know he’s a painter and lives in Washington. We know that through various emails sent to others on YouTube that he’s mentioned many times to other Youtubers that he was going to start sending fake magazine subscriptions out in the Michigan resident’s name as a prank. We know who he is through some creative IP sleuthing over the course of a couple of months. He uses a HMA account most of the time to log onto the internet but he made a few mistakes along the way. This man allegedly is responsible for other various online harassment using multiple YouTube channels of which we have documented heavily over at Detectives are very interested in questioning this individual so if you have any information on this guy please email us. We think he works from home as a Lithium eBay Shill and may even be the husband of good old Sandy Pruins of the eBay and PayPal forums. Lithium Technologies is a social engineering online superfan company that find negative PR for the company they work for and turn it into positive spin by trying to discredit the message or the messenger. This is also heavily documented over at eBayBullies as well. If you know this man please speak up.

Joseph Demarco


This man is known as Crazeenydriver (Joseph DeMarco), he sells on eBay under selling ID hubcapjoes and has a shady eBay seller past. At this time he is also suspected of the Magazine Subscription fraud because of some telling evidence we have. I think what gave him away was the Magazine the New Yorker which you can’t just go to any news stand here in Michigan and acquire it. We also know that through a couple emails passed through YouTube he made responses to some comments such as “that would be funny, good idea”. The investigation is ongoing, and the Canton, Michigan police detective in charge with this Magazine Subscription Fraud case is looking for more evidence to ties these people together. If anyone wants to come forward and drop a dime, your information will not be given out to anyone in this Magazine Subscription Fraud investigation. I also want to state for the record, information posted on this article or page is of opinion only and the evidence currently in hand supports the information listed in the article.

Magazine Subscription Fraud