How to Properly Leave Comments on Negative Amazon FBA Product Feedback

Leaving Review Comments on Negative ratings from your buyers is a good way to get those customers happy again. I’ll show you how to properly leave comments and contact your buyers to get those negative ratings off your business. Click Here to Buy on Amazon.

How To Comment On A Positive Review

You have to respond to negative and positive reviews if you want to increase your revenue or repair your business.

First, thank the customer for the kind words. (For example: “Thank you for your purchase” or “Thank you for that awesome review”).

You can then proceed by sharing some of your other products. Of course, this is about promoting your wares and hoping to get more sales, but it is also about letting a happy customer know that there are other things you can provide that they might also enjoy.

This is simple to do. Simply link the Amazon URL of another product you wish the customer to see by inputting another of your product’s ASIN via the “Insert a product link” button.

leaving review comments

The text will now be hyperlinked and can also increase internal traffic to your other Amazon product listings, as there is a good chance that someone reading the review and comments left by you will click through.

Leaving Review Comments On Negative Feedback

  • It is important to deal with negative reviews as soon as possible. Train a VA to keep an eagle eye on every negative review left and respond as soon as any are posted. It is ideal to reply to reviews while the individual who posted is still online, to resolve the issue in one sitting, but obviously this is not always attainable.
  • The response should be truthful, straightforward, and professional.
  • Any mistake should be admitted, inaccuracies should be corrected, and restitution offered (if warranted). Be consistent with all replies to negative reviews, and highlight your company’s strengths.

Detailed process of leaving review comments for a yoga block product feedback rating:

leaving review comments

Be the first one to comment on the review to get back to the person as soon as possible.

leaving review comments

In making your comment, Press the ‘Add a Comment’ button under the negative review.

Write your comment professionally and sincerely.

  • Apologize to the customer.
  • Tell the customer that you can be contacted through the customer’s Amazon account.
  • Offer a full refund or replacement if needed.

Post comment by pressing “Post”.

The reviewer will get an email saying that someone has commented on the review. However, please note, the response rate to these is low.

Find Out Who REALLY Left The Feedback

Matching orders to reviews can help you deal with disappointed consumers when leaving review comments.

The entire process can actually help you limit the damage of negative reviews to your brand’s reputation, because some negative reviews are not even left by genuine buyers of the product. They are fake and deceptive reviews left by competitors or other disgruntled individuals who visit your page to bash your product.

In order to make sure that the negative review is from a legit buyer, you need to understand the process of matching orders to reviews. You can check the details of the person who left the review to know what and when it was bought, and for how much. Yes, you can actually do that!

It may seem impossible to connect a review to a buyer if the person who left the review did not provide a complete name that matches his or her real name in the Amazon account – this include the frustratingly anonymous “Amazon Customer”.

However, there is a way for sellers to search for their buyer’s real name through an Amazon feature called the Wish List. This is the same Wish List you create when you send family and friends back home the things they can buy you during your visit home so you don’t end up with a bunch of junk in your luggage — but you are looking at other people’s Wish Lists to try to match up.

The way to access the Wish List name is to simply click on the review name of a review.

On the left will be a list or some lists – these are the Wish List(s) of the person/account that left the reviewer. Click on each of these to see if a full name (read: real name) appears.

Once you have this, you can search your reports with the Wish List name to match to the Contact Buyer name. This will then give you the Order ID for the purchase, which will enable you to contact this buyer directly within Seller Central.

Please note, Leaving review comments will only work for a reviewer with a Verified Purchase, as opposed to a review without a Verified Purchase. Verified reviews are reviews from Verified Purchases within Amazon. Remember, anyone can leave a review on a listing, with or without purchase.

If that was confusing, here are detailed steps to obtain a real name from the Wish List:

  • Click the Amazon display name of the reviewer (the hyperlink below the star-rating) and try to see if the customer’s real name will appear once you click under Lists on the left side of the screen. This will also work with anonymous ‘Amazon Customer’ reviewers.
      • The name should be under the list named Wish List, however there may be cases when there is more than one list for the Amazon reviewer. Click on each to see if a real name will appear. If it does, take note of this name.
        Whenever you find a review left by a disappointed buyer, use this real name to trace the order that has been placed and obtain the details.
      • Whenever you find a review left by a disappointed buyer, use this real name to trace the order that has been placed and obtain the details.

      You can find all FBA order information in the Amazon Fulfilled Shipments Reports. These reports include the Contact Buyer name which you should now be able to match perfectly to the Wish List name.

      Great Customer Service – Leaving Review Comments

      After a few buyers messages go back and forth with the customer, you’ll be able to understand the issue in detail. Now may be the right time to offer a refund and/or a replacement to appease your upset customer.

      Depending on the situation, you may or may not want to refund money in full. Seller Central allows you to partially refund a customer if you think that is right for all concerned. Always keep in mind that Amazon values excellent customer service above all else, and expects third party sellers to value the same.

      Once you have provided the refund or replacement and your customer is happy, it is time to politely ask your buyer to remove the negative review that was left on your product.

      While this may not be the exact message you would want to send, you could try sending something along the lines of:


      We hope we have resolved all issues you had with our product and service.

      We strive for excellence when it comes to customer service and we hope that you agree that we have met your standards even though we didn’t at first.

      Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or even if there is something wrong with your replacement unit.

      As a final request, may we ask that you remove the review you left on the listing? It would help our business tremendously if you would help us out here.”

      With the deep rapport that you have been building with the customer, you may get a reply asking how a review can be removed. Rather than having to search this out every time, give the customer the following instructions:

      1. Go to, then go to
      2. Your Account, then go to
      3. Personalization, then go to
      4. Product Review Written By You, then
      5. Find the Review, and finally
      6. Delete Review.

      Again, only do this after the customer is extremely satisfied with the solutions you have offered. If your service and timing is right, you are very likely to get those offending negative reviews removed, and your ratings will get back to the stellar place they were before.

      Downloading Reports So You Don’t Lose Information

      Both Order Reports and Amazon Fulfilled Shipment Reports go back a finite period so start collating this information now to ensure you do not miss any past orders information as time goes along.

      Also, you can only download a 31-day period at a time, so it would be wise to collect this info every month for the previous month’s data.

      The process to identify an order connected to a review so to get in touch armed with full order information:

      • Get The Wish List name (try the reviewer name if there is no Wish List).
      • Search for the name in the reports.
      • Scroll to the Order ID.
      • Input the Order ID in Orders in Seller Central.
      • Contact the buyer to offer excellent customer service.

      Below are the step-by-step process to download this report:

      • In the Seller Central home page, go to Reports tab, click Fulfillment.
      • Find the Sales section on the left side of the screen. Click Amazon Fulfilled Shipments.
      • From the Download, click the Event Date dropdown box, from the list choose Exact Dates.
      • Input the first and last dates of the previous month and click the Request Download button.

      leaving review comments
      leaving review comments
      leaving review comments

      leaving review comments

      • Once downloaded, you can simply search each report that you have downloaded by pressing Ctrl + F or Command + F.
      • Then input the name from the review.
      • When the name comes up, scroll along to the order ID section (this gives you the order ID you can use to search for in your Manage Orders section).
      • Once Manage Orders gives you the information for the actual order, you can message the buyer directly and ask what problems they have with the product and aim to provide excellent customer service.

      The process is slightly different for FBM Orders, in that we need to access a different report:

      • Go to Orders and click on Order Report. Here you can download and search for names for the Wish List name.

      leaving review comments
      leaving review comments

      • Simply scroll along to the order ID section from the report downloaded and use this information to contact directly the actual buyer who made the negative review from within Amazon’s messaging system.

      Organize Your Data

      You may combine all of your monthly order reports on an ordinary spreadsheet to have one large resource to check all names. However, you will soon be working on a very large file, which could slow you down as large files take a lot of time and system resources to load.

      A better option is Google Fusion Tables, which have the capacity to hold much larger files. It also has a filter feature that enables for an easy search for the information we need.

      Get a VA trained on collating the order data every month and uploading onto Google Fusion Tables so you have a single resource to check for names anytime you get a negative review, even months after the purchase. Learn more about removing Negative Amazon Reviews.