Lazy ebay Motors Sellers Selling Junk On eBay

lazy ebay motors sellers

Lazy eBay Motors Sellers are getting away with selling junk on eBay these days. Seems as if the photo listing policies don’t apply to some Top Rated sellers like Hubcapjoes of eBay Motors. Hubcapjoes sells junk then expects buyers not to file cases on him. Every Friday he produces a video on YouTube under the Crazeenydriver channel on YouTube complaining about transactions where buyers have filed cases or negged him for selling junk. The last negative feedback on his account is a shiny example of the junk he sells. Joseph DeMarco lazy ebay motors sellers runs a store in Oradell NJ near Jersey City where he sells Hub caps. He is too lazy to clean or polish his inventory and from the photos he takes you can see just how lazy this seller is. Watch the video below by Naru Messenger he raises some good points.

Lazy ebay Motors Sellers

If you look at the other auctions of Hubcapjoes they are listed in the same fashion, bad photos, item titles all in capital letters, short item descriptions, I could go on and on. I mean who wants to buy from this guy when you have many good sellers out there like Hubcaps Plus following the photo policy and providing better seller services. I wouldn’t buy from Hubcapjoes because I simply don’t know what I’m really getting. It’s like walking into a junk hard with a blindfold on when you buy from him. If he can’t take the time to clean his goods I don’t see why eBay allows him to sell. I personally think this seller should be part of the 2014 upcoming seller purge. We have also documented a lot of abusive seller behavior on the part of Hubcapjoes on, where we show you how this seller is being protected by people at eBay and PayPal.

eBay Best Practices Policy:

It’s not fair that good sellers have to work hard and follow policies while bad sellers get away with everything. There are better sellers out there people you just have to look for them but I promise you they are well worth looking for. Buy from honest non-abusive sellers. Don’t get stung by the lazy seller selling junk on eBay.

Lazy eBay Motors Sellers Selling Junk On eBay