Keith Detwiler Calls UAW to get me Terminated from my Job in Michigan

uaw keith detwilerKeith Detwiler trying to get UAW workers in Michigan Fired from their job. This is evidence of criminal stalking a UAW employee. I think he owns a 2010 Red Mustang GT with Black Stripe. The audio below is given of the original phone call I made to Marietta Police Department because he already has a record of complaints on file with their PD for harassment. When he recorded his video calling the UAW on me, he made a big mistake and went from online harassment to criminal stalking.

Keith Detwiler has been emailing, calling and sending registered letters to my workplace to try and get me terminated from my Union Job. Members of the UAW and the national office may want to send this guy a cease and desist and also contact police.

Phone call placed by Keith Detwiler to File a False Complaint on Me with UAW

UAW Gets a call on Sept 26th from an Online Stalker so it’s been reported to the Marietta GA Police Department.

Lets see, he claims I break “Policy” at the workplace?
He claims I called his employer and did what?
He claims I make accounts between 2 and 2:30 at work on YouTube
This guy is obsessed, and his phone call is criminal stalking

I’m so lucky to have three guys stalk me online for over 6 years! The reason I post the audio and videos online on this site, is to bring awareness to the public that Gang Stalking and online harassment exist when you expose a big company for wrongdoing. I will continue to write and expose eBay Inc until they remove seller Hubcapjoes from their platform. It only takes a mouse click eBay, so why are you protecting this guy? Does he have information on people at eBay?

I had to report Mr Detwiler to the police because I plan on going through with Criminal Stalking charges. I will post the YouTube video below to show the evidence. I also have a copy of the text messages back and forth sent by Keith Detwiler to a friend of mine inside the plant for evidence. Yes Keith was Played yet again and now there’s evidence on Facebook Messenger. The UAW did not entertain Mr. Detwiler the day he called, but I would still like to press charges on him and Hubcapjoes for stalking. Maybe he should consider who his friends are and not allow himself to be brainwashed by Joe Demarco.

Keith Detwiler and Joe Demarco are trying to get me to post my employer’s name and info on my sites and in videos, but that will not happen. Sorry to put a monkey wrench in your plans there keith, you will not get me on violating company policy. I’m way too smart for that. Nice try however on re-editing my videos and uploading them to YouTube as always.

Off to work but more info will follow later today about Keith, but check out the article I wrote where Keith commits Disability fraud and then actively gets his Disability later on. No telling if he’s still on it, but people that commit Social Security Disability fraud must be reported.


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