Junemarvis Spams eBay Motors with Name Hubcapjoes


junemarvis Keyword Spamming for Hubcapjoes

A seller on eBay by the user ID junemarvis is spamming eBay motors using the name Hubcapjoes in his item description item number 371419996870. We asked the seller via Facebook why he’s using the name inside his listing and the seller told us that Hubcapjoes suggested to the seller that if he placed his name inside his item description he would get more views and possibly make more sales due to the online exposure surrounding Hubcapjoes with CBS news.

junemarvis2This is a direct violation of eBay’s spam policy and the seller unknowingly is in violation of the seller’s terms of use. Hubcapjoes is known for placing his dirty laundry inside his item descriptions in order to smear the reputation of online Critics.

If you are solicited please send Hubcapjoes a clear message telling him that you will not get involved in his online dirty laundry for eBay Inc. Hubcapjoe’s is putting this seller’s account at risk once again in order to push his sales ahead of others selling in the same niche.


Crazeenydriver Complaining about Spammers on eBay

eBay Inc and it’s CEO John Donahoe along with top rated seller HubcapJoes is suspected of using Racketeering and “In Your Face” Mafia Style Tactics to attack critics who expose eBay corporate wrongdoings. Attacks On Critics Exposing eBay Corporate Wrongdoings