Joseph DeMarco Cyber Stalking eBay Critics

Don’t be an idiot for eBay like Joseph J Demarco is. He has to go into his store and sit behind a desk everyday pretending that his shabby red tie and nice blazer will bring him just a few more sales by the end of the week. Only idiots for eBay run videos each week on YouTube pretending to be a fanboy and huge supporter when in fact they are not. Yes he’s a pretender. Back in 2007 he wanted to screw eBay in Macy’s window, he also stated that PayPal was like his girlfriend stealing all his money. You can see many of the old Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver videos still on his YouTube channel. The NARU is coming very soon for this idiot of eBay!

Joseph J Demarco Goes to Philly to Setup Ebayisajoke