Seller Critic Gets Accused of Entering Jason DeCanio

According to troll Jason Decanio’s YouTube Stream published on May 1st, 2020 WorldRenownedCFE aka the Seller Critic was accused by YouTube’s The Queens New Yorker of entering into his youtube stream with fake user ID while he wasn’t even logged into any of the various names that ever came up into that chat and he has evidence. Seller Critic did watch the stream to witness the many YouTube policy violations, and bad language from Jason while Joe sat still and didn’t say too much. Even a 13 year old entered the abusive derogatory Public Session, and the look on Demarco’s face was priceless, most likely saying to himself “Why am I hear” and rolling his eyes but then appeared to enjoy it more. The Seller Critic for two hours witnessed many Trolls entering into the “Blog-Bag” session, going in and out with many internet interruptions in between and it just goes to show how many people don’t like the Demarco “Blowhard” and Jason Decanio the Bullwinkel lookalike Cyberstalker.

Someone told us that Keith Detwiler would be AWOL from the Clown Show because he was doing work behind the scenes. The Seller Critic did a video below to show evidence of all the users on the stream, and five people total were there to actually chat. Jason’s famous line is, I’ll let him debate me, but I’ll block him! The Queens New Yorker again was a failure as predicted and Keith Detwiler must have known the stream would be “Sauced”.

I don’t have time for these Turds, I got better things to do, I have my hobbies being on lockdown, my friends, my girlfriend who remains private. The Coronavirus has been giving me a nice paid vacation. But I’m still being Cyberstalked by Joe DeMarco and Jason Decanio -Says Seller Critic

Seller Critic Responds with video Evidence