Witness Speaks about eBay Insurance Fraud through the GSP and non Destruction of Packages for Resale

In the video below you’ll hear a man called the “Craigslist Hunter” (become a witness), and explain how an item of his got destroyed by eBay’s Global Shipping partner Pitney Bowes, but for some reason ended up back on eBay’s marketplace for resale. He proves Insurance fraud where eBay paid the original seller (Craigslist Hunter) his money for the item, than states that the Global Shipping program can’t ship the item out to his buyer and therefore the item must be destroyed because of it’s size and weight qualifications. eBay’s warehouse in California houses all these items where they resell or auction off as stolen goods for profit.

The global shipping program is a place in Kentucky that takes items for overseas shipments and repacks them for profit. If they can’t repack them for profit they turn around and tell eBay they can’t ship the item and the item must be destroyed. eBay then files an insurance claim to reimburse the seller for what he/she was originally asking for on the listing and the seller is compensated for the loss, but never gets his item returned because Pitney Bowes claims they have to destroy the item, but really auctions off the items for resale on eBay’s marketplace.

This video is going to be sent to the some of the U.S Federal agencies for investigation. I’m sure the insurance company involved here may not realize what’s going on and that the items are not really being destroyed.


The Craigslist Hunter by making his video made himself an eyewitness to Pitney Bowes package fraud. This also implicates eBay Inc because the item showed back up on eBay’s marketplace and the item was sold where eBay and PayPal took fees out of the seller or the fake eBay seller account that was created specifically for the resale of the packages eBay gets back from the claims.