I Reported The Queens New Yorker Many Times

Here is evidence that long time Bully and Google Account Hacker Keith Detwiler of Biz Hacks TV reported “Friend or Foe” Jason Paul Decanio¬† Cyber Terrorist of The Queens New Yorker YouTube Channel AKA The Youtube Copyright Pirate many times on YouTube while he was going after eBayisajoke. I knew both Joe and Jason were immature and Cyber Bullying Charles W Fitch of Westland Michigan said Keith Detwiler of Marietta Georgia.

  • Keith Detwiler uses hot spots to create abusive YouTube Accounts
  • Biz Hacks TV is a YouTube Channel about the life of Keith Detwiler
  • Jason Decanio and Keith Detwiler are friends of eBay’s Joe DeMarco
  • The Queens New Yorker Plagiarized Wikipedia about Queens NY

Little does The Queens New Yorker know, I went after his fat ass, and had many of his YouTube channels removed while he was doing it to Fitch.