Hurricane Florence Flag eBay Auction Brings 10k Will They Get Paid?

Hurricane Florence Tathered American Flag AKA “Kevin” that flew over the Frying Pan Tower, eBay auction brings $10,900. A bit torn but like all who claim America to be home, they are proud to do so. It stands proud and the winning bidder may not actually pay so watch out for the scammers!

I highly doubt the seller will be paid his $10k on this item but ya never know. Buyer return fraud also runs rampant on eBay where the buyer sends back nothing, using verified tracking and not only gets his money back but keeps the original item while the seller gets banged with not only 10 percent in Final Value Fees (FVF) but the newly added 4 percent charge added for an SNAD claim to eBay Inc. Read more on this story here..