eBay Seller Faces Possible Suspension for Criminal Stalking in Bergen County NJ

YouTube HarassmentTop Rated eBay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes also known as Joseph Demarco may Face Seller Suspension for YouTube Harassment and other various attempts to bully and harass former users of eBay. Hubcapjoes for over five years now has been using fake YouTube accounts like the one here Jailbirdfitch to anonymously post abusive links and comments all over YouTube about an eBay Critic named eBayisajoke aka the Seller Critic, who is STILL a blogger that works to warn new potential small sellers on fraud and bad policies that are created at eBay to manipulate and steal from pockets of innocent individuals or businesses. If you plan on signing up to eBay DON’T DO IT.

Seller Critic describes in detail how Hubcapjoe the abusive bullying Troll incites hate against 2nd Amendment Gun Owners in Michigan using Local Reporter!

Pierre Omidyar and CEO Devin Wenig allow harassment of Critics by eBay Social Media PR Spinner Joe DeMarco.

When the Seller Critic exposed Hubcapjoes for being abusive other Facebook groups such as Kathy Terrill who heads the Small Business ambassador’s Network at eBay seen with Pierre Omidyar, have all come to the aid to help Hubcapjoes head his campaign to ruin the personal reputation of Charles w Fitch by way of doxing and making videos about his employer, threatening his 2nd Amendment rights, sending letters to his employer, telling people on YouTube to call the FBI, telling people to have him committed, using magazine subscription cards to enroll him in dozens of magazines, using his email address to get him spammed, and other various means of harassment. Hubcapjoes is a dangerous seller on eBay and eBay has been complicit to his cyberstalking and bullying by hosting him on eBay Radio almost every month.

Evidence of Criminal Cyber stalking by eBay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes, he gives Official eBay News as a Company Spokesman on YouTube as Crazeenydriver!

Bergen County Dennis CaloThis is menacing by stalking, Hubcapjoes business man in Oradell NJ admits in this audio file that he’s contacted my workplace on many occasions including emailing them to get me terminated from my Union Job. This is evidence of two counts of U.S Mail fraud and stalking.

Shown here is a copy of two Certified mail return receipts where eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has contacted my employer on two occasions by mail to try and have me terminated for owning a registered firearm in my home. Included below is the actual tracking links for each of the certified mailings by Joseph Demarco AKA eBay Seller Hubcapjoes.

What he sent to my employer could be enough to have him charged and arrested by Bergen County Prosecutor’s office Dennis Calo. I have beeped out personal information in the following audio clip below for online privacy reasons.

The evidence here and verified tracking info below should be enough for Dennis Calo to prosecute Joe Demarco and bring him up on stalking charges I have already notified his office. I am willing to sign a complaint. The city of Oradell should be ashamed of this man and shouldn’t patron his business.

Jerry DemarcoUSPS Tracking info verified to be valid:

This eBay seller is clearly trying to use a Public Service Announcement or (PSA) angle to invade my 2nd Amendment rights by having my firearm removed from my home. My name is Charles Fitch aka eBayisajoke and I am a resident of Westland MI trying to fend off an eBay Seller that’s attacking me and my family from eBay’s platform.

This guy also accused me of bidding on his items which I did not do just to leave him Negative feedback and this crazy allegation was never proven by anyone. I have a registered firearm that stays in my home for my protection against eBay Zombies like Joseph Demarco and his Brother Jerry Demarco who submitted the bogus PR on me at the DailyVoice.com who also runs a thrift store in Oradell.

Hubcapjoes aka YouTube’s Crazeenydriver made several attempted threats using YouTube to my employer and the FBI about me but most of the content was removed by YouTube for community guidelines violations.

Hubcapjoes also called my local police department to leave fake complaints on me which all fell on deaf ears. They think he’s psychotic. Hubcapjoes works for eBay and gets paid in SWAG and with Search boost in listings.

I wonder what gun owners all over the United States and Michigan think about his attempts to get my 2nd Amendment rights taken away by Government. I am reaching out to the people in the Open Carry Forums to help me report this eBay seller and his business.