Hubcapjoes Sued for Not Giving Refunds at his Business

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube
Cyberbully and Internet Predator of YouTube

Hubcapjoes Sued by eBay buyers for Not Giving Refunds but let’s find out where Joe Demarco really Lives? Hubcapjoes commits Revenge Crimes and abuse on eBay Critics and the elderly has a third property! Is Hubcapjoes paying his fair share in eBay Taxes from his three properties? Why doesn’t Hubcapjoes disclose all his public information? Are there more skeletons hanging in Crazeenydriver’s YouTube closet?

Are there other things he doesn’t want people to know about? Does Hubcapjoes actually live at this address? We have court docket information on Mr. Hubcapjoes being Sued by an eBay Buyer listed in the information below. Apparently Hubcapjoes is a real pillar of his community. eBay Seller Joseph J Demarco has been sued allegedly so many times at his business for not giving refunds he had to appear in court in front of his community that so loathes him.

eBay Buyers Get Schooled by Hubcapjoes

More buyers on eBay get Schooled by Abusive Seller How long will this continue?

Seller Critic

eBay Inc is using a top rated seller (user) Joseph J Demarco seller ID “Hubcapjoes” to abuse and go after me and my workplace on YouTube under the “Crazeenydriver”, and “CrazeenydriverNYC” channels. He is a spokesperson for eBay Inc and is doxing my workplace telling people to get me fired. I was also a user of eBay Inc but not anymore. This is a privacy concern eBay allowing their top sellers to cyberbullying, bully and harass former users of eBay Inc.

Another Victim of Hubcapjoes:

Message to eBay Inc (You’re on Notice) I want seller Hubcapjoes to stop this abusive behavior and his selling privilages terminated.

All allegations by ebay seller Hubcapjoes are untrue and his abuse has been documented by more than one party for evidence. This is bullying and social media reputation managment in order to give the illusion that eBay Inc has a positive image which is an FTC violation. Hubcapjoes is to cease and desist from emailing, calling my workplace, making videos about my workplace and making accusations anywhere else on the internet about me Charles w Fitch Canton Michigan *Fox 2 news, stating I own guns and that I’m dangerous to the public.

This YouTuber Crazeenydriver (Joseph J De Marco) furthermore has also created a twitter account called “@reportbullies” that is tweeting to FBI, NEWS and tabloid magazines about me daily. I also have evidence of him creating and using his website hosted in Bulgaria by Blue Angel Host (TelePoint Data Center Administrator Sunil Shahzad, United Arab Emirates AKA scorpion.king) to abuse stalk and harass me also. Owner of Russian web hosting firm (Social Reputation Management Operative) Blue Angel hosting.

Screen shot evidence has been recorded and available for discovery.



Seller Critic

Seller Critic

Seller Critic

Why is Hubcapjoes listing his business as an apartment? could this be is other eBay or Stealth account address on eBay Inc? We know stealth users of eBay use alternate Apartment numbers on their main address to circumvent eBay’s multiple accounts policy.