Hubcapjoes Outs eBay Shipping Delays due to Coronavirus

An eBay seller named Joseph A. Demarco from Oradell New Jersey aka Hubcapjoes outs eBay for Shipping Delays sighting that the Coronavirus is to blame, and why doesn’t the packages get to his buyers on time could be due to his slow shipping and customer service he provides but wants eBay to step in and tell his buyers that slow shipping in the North East is not his fault. Crazeenydriver does this by blaming eBay for all his problems as a seller. Just in the last few days he’s received over 8 returns and many refund requests. Hubcapjoe is a buyer’s bully and seller fraudster on eBay.  We know this because in the past 15 years he’s been able to remove over 300 Negative feedbacks. The lesson here folks is stay away from sellers like this. Human Trash like this will give you grief. His days on eBay are numbered now.

  • Joe Demarco involved in Negative PR Campaign behind eBay
  • eBay Sellers hire low level Trolls on Youtube to Bully Creators
  • Hubcapjoes says nobody should be able to own guns
  • Crazeenydriver has been banned from many Junkyards

Character Assassination by Hubcapjoes