Jason P Decanio Online Cyberbully

Jason Decanio Bully no Longer Trusts eBay Seller Nut Job Hubcapjoes

Jason Decanio Bully Tells eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Joseph Demarco to take a Hike and doesn’t want any part of the Seller’s Continued online Harassment with eBay Critic eBayisajoke. ‘Mr Demarco you are looking more and more like the cyberstalker’: Says Jason

  • Hubcapjoes is a Top Rated eBay Motors Seller
  • Hubcapjoes runs a Channel on YouTube Called Crazeenydriver
  • Hubcapjoes is known as Joseph Demarco in Oradell New Jersey with a Brick and Mortar Store
  • Joseph Demarco uses other YouTubers to call and harass people at their workplace
  • Hubcapjoes doesn’t like giving refunds or allowing buyers to return his SNAD items

Jason Decanio Bully

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes is no longer trusted by his own friend Jason Decanio Bully an online YouTube Tyrant that loves setting up fake YouTube Channels just to flag and report content that is not in line with his way of thinking. Jason Decanio Bully no longer wants anything to do with eBay seller Joseph Demarco aka Crazeenydriver a YouTube creator that promotes eBay each week in a Weekly Vlog Friday’s video called “eBay Talk”.

eBay has become the worst selling platform of the 21st century. Their stock share has seen ups and downs due to the many CEO’s the company has been through starting with American Executive Meg Whitman. John Donahoe was the 2nd in charge as President and CEO and now at the Helm is a goof named Devin Wenig who is referred to as Hitler. Instead of Devin running a tight ship, he runs a ship that continues to sink using Facebook sellers to promote their brand.

Ya made fake channels, ya made a website about him. The Enemy is actually becoming the Hero, and you sir Mr. Demarco are looking more and more like the Cyberstalkers Says Jason DeCanio if you don’t believe him call him yourself at 407-879-4224

This eBay seller is so invested in harassment and abuse he started an abusive spammy Twitter account called Report Bullies. Joseph Demarco pays someone to Tweet daily about former eBay buyers he claims defrauded him by placing bids on his items and not paying which was proven to be untrue. If you listen to the audio above in the video his own supporter claims Joseph Demarco has never produced the proof.

Jason Decanio Bully wants no more to do with his former Boss Joe Demarco and says he’s leaving the fight and no longer trusts him. This eBay seller and Tyrant Hubcapjoes should be removed from selling on eBay and his account should be Suspended and NARU’ed.