Hubcapjoes Hosts Abusive Offshore Websites on Critic

You would think that with all the online abuse coming from Crazeenydriver AKA Hubcapjoes and his eBay handlers someone higher up at eBay Inc would yank his seller ID Hubcapjoes on the selling platform for abusive behavior towards former eBay sellers alike all over the web. Hubcapjoes is the “eBay seller Gone Rogue”. He is currently hosting a website that he owns in Bulgaria on a hosting service called Blue Angel Host. His helpers online have been using data center IPs to attack the various online blogs of former sellers Doc and eBayisajoke AKA the Seller Critic. Hubcapjoes has employed Michigan people to drive around all day looking for the house of eBayisajoke so that he can dox him. It may be par for the course, but Hubcapjoes is what we call a “Constant Abusive Seller”.

When we exposed Hubcapjoes for abusive selling and buying on eBay back in 2012, he needed to protect his seller account by going to eBay directly to fabricate a fake story about eBayisajoke bidding on items and not paying for them. Many people would see the junk on the seller’s store, purchase the items and try and return them but the seller Hubcapjoes wouldn’t allow returns and would yell, and hang up on his customers. This is called “Buyer Abuse”.

You can see his feedback record for buying and selling here:

WoW! would ya just look at all those negatives in the past that eBay tried to hide but couldn’t. We have video evidence on YouTube that he also buys from competitors then puts them out of business. Notice all the NARU (No Longer a Registered User), accounts on his Feedback record. He has called eBay on many of these users and gotten them suspended/banned from ever selling again. We call this the “Competitors Nightmare”, so fitting for this Halloween here in 2017.