eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Hates Veterans Day

Veterans DayCrazeenydriver is an eBay seller in Haworth New Jersey and hates Veterans Day. He sells on eBay under the store name Hubcapjoes aka Joseph Demarco who posts videos on YouTube every Friday talking about eBay Glitches, how he hates China Sellers and how he will not ship for free or offer free returns. His channel drills down on weekly glitches, shipping and how bad local weather is, it’s the same old boring subject week after week. This eBay seller reads fake comments, letters and shills up his channel with fake subscribers, and view counts. He even posts unwanted abusive spam links about his critics in some of his video descriptions threatening them with harassment. He complains about sellers from China selling the items he sells and goes after them by reporting their seller accounts to eBay.

Veterans DayHis buyers say his items are poor quality and shipped damaged. Many of his buyers return his items due to his inability to accurately describe the condition of the item. If you wish to buy great looking second hand or used Hubs please make sure you buy from hubcaps.com and not Hubcapjoes. Joseph Demarco hates Veterans Day because he said Veterans just get free money and don’t want to work. He said they should go look for work and stop sucking from the tit of Americans. Joseph Demarco AKA Crazeenydriver of YouTube would rather see disabled Veterans go back out to work instead of staying home on their couch.

Veterans DayWe caught Hubcapjoes being abusive so below were going to let you hear some audio clips of his including where he says that Buyer’s a “Dicks” and considers them scum in some instances. This man has been allowed to sell on eBay despite his abuse. Were trying to get all the videos on his YouTube channel demonetized so that he can no longer make money promoting eBay on YouTube for eBay Inc. Please help us in flagging his videos for harassment in bullying where posts a chuckfitchscammer.com link, Mr. Fitch exposed this man in 2013 for abusing buyers on eBay and eBay thanked him by shutting down his account for Hubcapjoes. They then went and created a fake news piece about Mr. Fitch to make this eBay seller look good. Almost six years later it’s reversed itself and is now taking a toll on the Hubcapjoes account where he is flooded with returns. We told Joey it would come back and bite him and so it has. Joseph DeMarco is a big mouth, and below we’ll let you hear the kinds of things he says.

Hubcapjoes Admission that he gets paid by eBay:

Evidence of Harassment by Seller Hubcapjoes

Bergen County Dennis CaloThis is menacing by stalking, Hubcapjoes business man in Oradell NJ admits in this audio file that he’s contacted my workplace on many occasions including emailing them to get me terminated from my Union Job. This is evidence of two counts of U.S Mail fraud and stalking. Shown is a copy of two Certified mail return receipts where eBay Seller Hubcapjoes has contacted my employer on two occasions by mail to try and have me terminated for owning a registered firearm in my home. Included below is the actual tracking links for each of the certified mailings by Joseph Demarco AKA eBay Seller Hubcapjoes. What he sent to my employer could be enough to have him charged and arrested by Bergen County Prosecutor’s office Dennis Calo. I have beeped out personal information in the following audio clip below for online privacy reasons. I have a perfect work record with my employer and great relationship with my Union membership and co-workers. The evidence here and verified tracking info below should be enough for Dennis Calo to prosecute Joe Demarco and bring him up on stalking charges I have already notified his office. I am willing to sign a complaint. The city of Oradell should be a shamed of this man operating his dirty abusive business and further more shouldn’t patron his business unless you wish to be abused. Please tell Bergen County Dennis Calo to prosecute.

USPS Tracking info verified to be valid:

Evidence Exhibit:

More buyers on eBay get Schooled by Abusive Seller Hubcapjoes

Hubcapjoes Makes fun of the Disabled Elderly

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes Brags about getting a Critic on Fox 2 News

In the following video you’ll watch cyberstalker and bully Hubcapjoes (ebay seller) admit to having Charles Fitch Canton Michigan followed and put on the news and made to look like a cyber stalker by defaming him and calling him a scammer. My personal reputation was smeared by Crazeenydriver they call Hubcapjoes. This is just a small piece of evidence that he’s been Gang Stalking me. Even to this day he’s following me to my Workplace creating videos on YouTube to incite people to file false complaints against me in my workplace for termination. Joseph Demarco’s eBay seller ID Hubcapjoes should be terminated instead.

DeMarco enlisted the help of FOX 2 News Detroit investigative reporter, Rob Wolchek. Fox News soon produced this hit piece titled Wolckek Pulls the Mask of Internet Bully in 2013 that was picked up by other media worldwide further smearing eBay’s target critic.