Hubcapjoes Fired from Bayside Corrections for Racist Act against Protesters

Joe DeMarco Bayside Corrections Public Information Officer and New Jersey business owner Hubcapjoes aka eBay Seller Hubcapjoes was terminated from his job for reenacting the George Floyd Death Protesting against the BLM movement #blacklivesmatter along with his brother, and now ex FedEx Driver James DeMarco. FedEx made a statement and terminated the driver for spreading hate against African Americans by placing his Knee the back of his older brother Joe DeMarco while yelling “You Should Just Comply” at the Protesters walking buy. Joseph A DeMarco is a YouTuber that uploads Friday videos about eBay under the name Crazeenydriver,  and has a negative reputation of abusing people online including the elderly by calling their Church or their Workplace to file false complaints about them to get them fired. He also loves making fun of people with Birth Defects. If eBay doesn’t remove this seller from selling ebay will be complicit in spreading Racial hate.