Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes submits Brooklyn Police Application NYPD turned him down based on failed background check

brooklyn Police Department

In 2012 the New York City Police Department received an application by eBay seller and number one fan boy Joe Demarco to become a Police Officer in the city of Brooklyn. Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes owns a small hubcap shop called Hubcapjoes in Oradell New Jersey. The seller bully applied to become a Police Officer on June 1st 2012 but failed the written exam according to the interviewer at the New York City Police Department.

The Brooklyn police rejected his application for employment at that time. Joseph Demarco is a failure at life, he sits on his deck every Friday doing videos for eBay and continues to bore his subscribers with the same old videos about shipping and glitches. Hubcapjoes complains about having less sales each month and soon he will just be a figment of everyone’s imagination. Joseph DeMarco couldn’t make it as a police officer if he tried. He wouldn’t be able to pass the physical test and would never be able to protect and serve anyone. Check out the video below for eBayisajoke’s comments on the video that Joseph DeMarco produced for YouTube on June 1st 2012. The original video is linked at the bottom titled “YouTube Haters Unmasked”.

Brooklyn Police Application filed by Hubcapjoe