Hubcapjoes eBay Seller Update Pushes Sellers to Leave

Hubcapjoes ebay seller updateHubcapjoes eBay seller update for Spring 2018 on YouTube’s Crazeenydriver channel pushes his sellers to leave eBay and to not accept free returns or free shipping. That’s right, eBay spokesman and sugarcoated favorite number one fanboy of eBay reads fake letters pretending to be other people on YouTube videos in order to convey his complaints with eBay to where legally he can fool eBay into thinking these are real people commenting about the Spring Seller Updates when really they are his own grievances about the policy changes that negatively impact him as a Seller that gets a Ten Percent discount on final value fees and listings. We’re pretty sure Joe Demarco isn’t paying anything in seller insertion or final value fees anyway being that he’s a weekly spokesman that also appears on eBay radio. Uncle Griff and Brian Burke send Hubcapjoes SWAG and iPhones from eBay Inc to promote them on YouTube.

Telepoint and Bulgaria Blocked from Critic Sites

This video doesn’t really have anything to do with this article, however it does have something to do with Hubcapjoes because as an eBay seller Joseph Demarco and his Russian hacker friends at eBay have been involved in ddos’ing and trying to hack our sites for years now. eBay simply doesn’t like the negative evidence we bring to the community, and now with the new WHM 70, we can block countries the hacks are coming from without the use of Cloudflare. This video is by Doc our resident security expert.

Hubcapjoes eBay Seller Update Rant

HubcapjoesWe caught eBay Seller Hubcapjoes covering up his fire safety signs on his walls in his shop which is a fire code violation in the city of Oradell New Jersey. Looks like we’ll have to notify the fire chief about his practice on not being safe for his patrons in his place of business. This blatant disregard for the law shows disrespect to the men and women that fight fires everyday and pull people out of burning homes to save lives.

I believe a nice $500 fine would suit this man just nice. The first time the fire inspector visited his shop he received fines or warnings for not having lit fire exits above his doors, and no visible fire extinguishers. This shop is an accident waiting to happen. Nobody goes in anyway from what were told. In the second photo you can see proof of where the sign is, Hubcapjoe thought he could pull a fast on on old eBayisajoke aka Seller Critic but I’m just too smart for this man. Remember we’re always watching you joey.

Comments on Hubcapjoes eBay Seller Update

This is simply my reaction and comments to what Hubcapjoes aka Crazeenydriver of YouTube says about the newest eBay seller Spring Updates of 2018. He reads fake letters from his YouTube channel in order to make eBay think questions and concerns are from real people that view his channel, when in fact the complaints are coming from him Joseph Demarco himself. eBay radio thinks this guy’s the greatest but won’t it be too funy when eBay’s seller protection team suspends Hubcapjoes from selling when the time is right. Hubcapjoes is trying to get his YouTube audience to chime in on not giving free returns to buyers at eBay. His YouTube channel shines a negative light on eBay Inc.