Hubcapjoes now part of an eBay Investigation

eBay admits to me over the phone today that they are “eye’ing” Top Rated eBay seller Hubcapjoes for interfering, or trying to edge out his competition using YouTube videos to brag about reporting a seller’s listings. I have talked with the victim (seller) involved in this case, and he doesn’t appreciate Hubcapjoes AKA Crazeenydriver reporting his auction listings to eBay and displaying a video about it on YouTube, for what he thinks are listing violations. It is not up to eBay Motors seller Hubcapjoes to report competitors for violations and brag about it on social media. eBay agrees that this is against the seller policy and claim to be Investigating Joseph Demarco.

* eBay Seller Violation

Original YouTube video of Hubcapjoes reporting the eBay Seller: Click Here to view

Phone Interview with Florida business owner:

eBayisajoke’s video Response:

Hubcapjoes being investigated by eBay Inc

Doc from eBay Motors Sucks video Response:

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