Hubcapjoes Cash Reward to Terminate YouTube Channel

Hubcapjoes Cash Reward

Hubcapjoes Cash Reward for anyone that can successfully flag his YouTube channel because he has been flagging several of my videos with a VPN account to remove my eBay and PayPal videos from YouTube and to also prevent me from promoting Amazon. I would like to show him how it feels to get his channel terminated from YouTube so I am offering a serious Cash Reward to the first person that can successfully get this done. If you are in the United States the money will be wired to you via Western Union money in minutes. If you are outside the United States the money will be sent to your PayPal account. Joseph DeMarco eBay Motors hub cap seller Hubcapjoes is a shill for eBay Motors. He has been cyber stalking, cyber bullying and slandering Ebayisajoke through his twitter feeds by posting thousands of tweets daily accusing me of crimes he has no proof of. He even accuses me of not having a job or a High School Diploma.

He gets his friends Jason DeCanio, Spokonzaga Pete and Matt Zolo of YouTube to flag my videos. Joseph Demarco really needs to be taught a lesson that what goes around comes around. Joseph Demarco is the worst person in the world, it looks like his face caught fire and someone tried to put it out with a hammer. Hubcapjoes Cash Reward.

Joseph DeMarco should have never been born because his Birth Certificate was actually an apology letter from the Condom Factory. Yes Joseph DeMarco is indeed proof that evolution can go in reverse. I hate to be so hard but he has absolutely no idea who he’s messing with. I hope someone out there reads this article and takes me up on my Hubcapjoes Cash Reward. We really need to see that this guy gets removed from the YouTube community.

Hubcapjoes Cash Reward

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