Former eBay Motors Seller Docs Quality Cars bullied and Doxed by HubcapJoes

ebay motors sellerHubcapJoes YouTube ebay PR man revives old injuries by doxing Doc the former car seller known as Docs Quality Cars. He wasn’t happy that proof of his harassing was shown on One of Joe Demarco’s amigos Keith Detwiler started a new site and utilized the site to assault Charles Fitch (ebayisajoke) DeMarco’s chief adversary by sniping the site, writing fake information and issuing death threats to the Car Doctor and Charles Fitch. The site was shut down in a matter of a few days and never put back up. To exacerbate the situation Joe Was promoting the provocation trolling site on his Monetized YouTube channel crazeenydriver where the image above reveals the site domain name. This is one more case of eBay’s bad behavior gone unpunished. It is Racketeering and securities control of social media. Be that as it may, the experts are not intrigued. It’s about the cash. What’s more, talking about cash, the monetary division is humming about a conceivable purchaser for eBay. As per Elliott Management eBay should fix their drawn out underperformance. Some of the inside players revealed here in the following photo. These individuals are contracted by eBay UK and some work for PayPal at the current time.

ebay motors seller

For almost 15 years has been helping web vehicle purchasing customers maintain a strategic distance from misrepresentation and terrible venders. This site has additionally spared numerous buyers from losing their cash to eBay Motors tricks. It’s no one’s blame however eBay Inc’s they screwed the trust and network esteems Pierre Omidyar established the scene under into the ground! Normally eBay Inc detests me and with an energy. They could sue me to get this site shut down. Yet, doing that would no uncertainty pull in predominant press inclusion as the press delved profound into this sites multi year file. This new Doc doxing adds to existing proof of corporate bad behaviors. Joe DeMarco an eBay Insider and eBay Motors merchant (hubcapjoes) runs the offshore bullying website Keith Detwiler a pal of DeMarco’s helps Joe create YouTube channels to upload abusive bullying content. DeMarco promotes copycat site on his YouTube channel. Pursue the cash trail and break the big story.

Hubcap Joe is a bad businessman and bully in Oradell New Jersey. He doxes people and calls their employers, so we will dox him and oh boy we called eBay on him many times, they refuse to remove the abusive seller so you can protest him at his address at 90 Kinderkamack Rd in Oradell NJ. Doc is an old ace at putting out truthful information and making sure Joe’s eBay filthy laundry has been exposed to the web. It’s a shame you can’t trust eBay anymore but eBay would rather manage a dirty reputation then clean it up, and by this we mean removing the problem from the platform Joseph Demarco.