eBay Motors seller Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes has been banned from selling his dirty junk Hubcaps on Amazon for life

eBay Seller Hubcapjoes continues to taunt critics every Friday from his Crazeenydriver channel on YouTube. Little does he know he will never be able to sell his poor quality hubcaps because he’s been banned from Amazon! Amazon cares about quality, “Leave all the Junk to the eBay Marketplace” says eBay critic eBayisajoke. There is no room for “Dirt Cheap” lousy sellers on Amazon and lets make sure that garbage stays in New Jersey where it belongs. eBay’s marketplace attracts deadbeat buyers, fraud and too much abuse.

This is not the kind of business Amazon wants. Top Rated seller on eBay Motors Hubcapjoes has been trying to sell his goods outside the eBay marketplace over at Amazon (Traitor is he?) for over a year now! Wait he’s supposed to be a loyal fanboy to eBay and Devin Wenig so why is he over at Amazon banging down their door for a seller account? Only time will tell how long eBay can put up with this cocky seller’s attitude on YouTube before they finally hit that “Kill” Switch! Pulling the plug on this guy would release eBay from the negative PR that hangs over their head.

Trying to Sell but has been Banned from Amazon!

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Public Service Announcement (PSA)