Video Surveillance of Crazeenydriver Hubcapjoes stealing Hubcaps in New York was arrested in 2013 for theft

foxcupThis is video evidence of eBay (TRS) Top Rated seller Hubcapjoe stealing hubcaps off cars in the Queens New York area in 2013. According to our source he was arrested on March 5th of 2013 (video showing arrest) for receiving stolen property. The alleged victim came forward and sent us his video clip of the hidden surveillance that was taken on Joseph Demarco AKA YouTube’s Crazeenydriver the day of the arrest showing him stealing the hubcaps right off a car in order to resell them on eBay Motors. eBay used to require its Sellers to prove where they get their merchandise by providing verified Purchase Order documents of the merchant’s goods. Hubcapjoe has been promoting eBay for years and also does eBay radio. eBay loved it when Crazeenydriver and Fox 2 News of Detroit did a hit piece on Seller Critic eBayisajoke. Hubcapjoe is a protected seller that gets all his negative feedbacks removed with just a phone call. Hubcapjoe has been selling on eBay motors since 1999. His early YouTube videos bash eBay and PayPal for policies he didn’t agree with and he was caught bullying his buyers for returning his junk! There is one video where he admits PayPal Stole His money.

Hubcapjoes caught stealing hubcaps in New York and arrested in 2013

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