Hub Cap Place South Hampton Great Sales and Service

hub cap placeHub Cap Place 1677 NJ-70, Vincentown, NJ 08088 Phone: (609) 654-7865 Facebook Page The people here are professional and nice. They smile unlike the last guy we visited called Hubcapjoes, he was very rude and told us to buy something or leave. He sat in his chair and didn’t want to stand up to show us anything he had.

My wife and I were looking for a center cap for an Aston Martin, he pointed to a shelf. Everyone needs a new Hub Cap someday right? Sometimes when you see old caps along the road you wonder if its any good to pick up. Most of the time it’s not, it’s scratched, dented, the clips are missing so it’s not worth recovering. One guy in Oradell New Jersey named Hubcapjoes does, he has really no standards when it comes to selling quality Hub Caps. Yes he has a great story but in reality when you buy from him you get junk or you leave empty handed.

Hub Cap Place Friendly Professional People

Hub Cap Place – My Ashton Martin Center Cap Story

My wife and I stopped at HUBCAPJOES in Oradell NJ which is where we are from, honestly we didn’t know better and after seeing his videos on YouTube we thought this guy would be the one to help us because he seemed so knowledgeable about the items he sold. We wasted time going over there and the shop was closed, the next day we went in and some guy was in there (not Hubcapjoe), he was sitting at the desk on the phone and wouldn’t stop talking about some guy in Michigan. He then got off the phone and said he didn’t know where the center caps were that we were looking for.

hub cap placeHe said stop back again the next day around 5pm so I did. My wife stayed home packing for our trip to South Hampton for the weekend, and when I went back sure enough it was Hubcapjoes himself sitting at the same desk talking on the phone. The shop looked unorganized, dirty and there was paper covering up safety signs on the wall and a dog in there walking around looking for water.

I asked him if the dog was hot and thirsty and he said probably then abruptly asked me what I needed. I told him I was looking for Aston Martin 1997 Center Caps. I needed one of them but would buy two, he pointed at a shelf and said look in there.

I looked and nothing. He wasted my time as far as I’m concerned and I told him that I was up there twice and wasted time and gas and he replied, “Look you asked me if I had them I told you to look, if you’re not satisfied leave” I was like what? I walked out and told him to kiss my ass. My wife called me and asked if I got one, I said no, and she was upset, so the next day we left for the weekend and passing by on Rout 70 we saw a fun place called Hub Cap Place, walked in and asked the guy if he had one, and he went to the back and came out with one (exact one I needed) in his hand, and it was only $25 bucks. The guy was friendly and had a smile. I think he was waiting for that one day to make that rare sale. I gave him a fifty spot for it and walked away happy!