How to Disrupt Violent George Floyd Protesters in a Big City

I’ve been watching the NYC Riots here from Michigan, and I’m an expert in developing disruptive Countermeasures to fight against bad Groups of people that look to do harm, and that organize by way of Social Media like for example Antifa, or other Political Groups that love to be violent against Businesses or Individuals in order to upset Society and Government.

After all the Rioting that I have witnessed in the past many days, and all the people harmed and businesses attacked, I have decided to Author a “PlayBook” if you will, that will help local city Governments achieve the “Win” they need in order to restore public order. This book will be available on Amazon.

I want to lend your Police Chiefs some information that they may wish to use in order to gain the upper hand in the fight to get your City back! In short, I want to help NYC because I was born in Albany and my heartstrings are connected to NY State.

Let me give you some ways that you can prevent what is going on, by having your Police Departments conduct some strategic moves in order to put a kink in the program of these bad Protesters that are coming into the city at night just to cause physical harm to people or vandalize or loot Businesses.

The police should conduct the following strategic measures downtown before nightfall starts, in order to disrupt the violent young protestors from doing more harm to the city.

1. Do a quick search of all buildings downtown including apartments to make sure nobody is camped out on the rooftops of the City where they may be hiding out at or getting their weapons from. The access doors to all rooftops should be checked and locked in order to prevent anyone from accessing them so they don’t retrieve any items they could use for weapons against Police.

2. Mandate that all people coming into the city and protesting, that they are not to enter with Backpacks. This eliminates hidden containers of gas and fireworks and other Weapons.

3. Mandate that all vehicles in the city be removed from the streets while protesting is happening. People will then be forced to park in the garages or get rides in so that they cannot transport weapons or gas into the city.

4. Have police monitor airport and bus Terminal and make sure people entering the city from those Terminals know (using posted signs) that they are not to enter the City with Backpacks or park in the streets.

By keeping them from parking in the streets you force the Protestors to Uber in, or get rides into the City, again forcing them to keep weapons out of the City.

5. Have Police scan nearby parks or open areas for stashed Weapons, 2×4’s, gas, etc etc. Also check people entering into the city during the day time for hidden items like Hammers or knives, again make sure they don’t enter with Backpacks. You’ll need to put out a press conference telling the Citizens of NYC not to bring Backpacks or park their Vehicles while Protesting is going on else they will be towed out.

6. Use the IDNYC Point Check Program as a tool when your officers tell Protesters they can’t have Backpacks or anything they can carry Weapons in on their person in Protest areas.

7. Scanning Social media NYC Facebook Groups using Keywords to watch major groups and it’s postings to check times when Protesters will arrive Downtown. You have two types of Protesters, the ones coming in at night are coming in from the Airport and Bus Long Term Parking Terminals. You must dense up the Officers at these places to prevent more from showing up. You need to also post signs at these areas that give directions for those people not to bring Backpacks into the City.

8. Use some Officers to check abandoned Subway areas to make sure bad Protesters are not grouping up in them. They will be grouping up in hidden places before they go into the City. They won’t group up at a Bus or Airport long term parking Terminal, they will group up and organize their walk on either a rooftop or in some Abandoned building or Apartment Building. You must have officers stationed in those buildings on the 2nd or 3rd floors and move down into the ground levels around the time of riots being careful not to place your Officers in a Funnel. Any people in buildings could be Arrested right away for Trespassing, get them out of the situation if you let them walk, they will just go back to the protest on the street. The key is to eliminate Bodies (Protesters) from the situation one by one.

9. Move to an alternate way of communication with your officers, there are plenty of popular phone APPS to use. The bad Protesters know your Police codes, and they’re using Police Scanner Apps on their phones to listen in to where you are.

10. have your officers around Riot time start requesting Uber and Lyft rides, many of these bad rioters will be getting Uber or Lyft rides into the City when it gets dark.

11. Place a couple of plainclothes officers in the stores they may be getting their weapons from like Home Depot or Lowes. Insert more Plain Clothes officers on the Eways into the city and start pulling over vehicles with out of state plates to slow people down from entering the city. Issue DUI roadside tests to vehicles suspicious entering into the City with more than one occupant. Setup fake DUI checkpoints around the city in all directions leading into the City and Manhattan.

12. At times of riots or peak time, Temporarily shut down and use City transit buses to block one-way streets that lead to areas that have not been burned or looted yet. Staging is important as you know. Push your Protester away from the City.

I hope some of this information helps your office. It’s all about disrupting the Protesters and making it hard for them to move quickly. Keep them moving slow, slow them down as much as you can and you will win the game.