Hassle Free Returns not Popular with eBay Top Rated Sellers

hassle free returnsHassle Free Returns not Popular with eBay Top Rated Sellers because the cost of shipping an expensive heavy item from the West coast to the East cost would be very expensive for the seller if the buyer wanted a return. Many sellers or Thrifters are now using YouTube to voice their distaste for offering hassle free returns to their buyers thus driving buyers away from the eBay community. In one video we witness eBay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes AKA “Crazeenydriver” on YouTube telling his audience that he recommends they do not offer free returns and to never do rush shipping deals. Hubcapjoes uses “Fake Fan Letters” within his video to get the message across to eBay about their policies. This absolves Joseph De Marco of any immoral or ethics violations he may be committing as an eBay seller/spokesman.

How Hassle Free Returns work on eBay

eBay states that they strive to deliver a returns experience that is consistent and competitive with a modern marketplace. The truth is, most Top Rated eBay sellers don’t wish to offer free returns. We seen this with seller Hubcapjoes on YouTube where he talks eBay sellers into not offering hassle free returns. We also show that his channel is designed to manufacture fake subscribers, views and comments in order to support his objections to the the new 2018 Summer seller update policy. eBay runs like a Clogged Drain flowing Downhill.

Encouraging YouTubers to opt out of Hassle Free Returns